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RAAF A37 Miles Hawk, Falcon & Merlin

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Miles M 4 Merlin A37-2 
with 2 S F T S CA 1 Wirraway A20-37
1 Comm Unit Wagga Wagga 
c 1941


Miles Hawk/Falcon/Merlin Image Gallery

Aircraft Serial c/n Aircraft History
A37-1 266 Registered VH-ABT 09/06/38 to 13/11/40.
Impressed into RAAF 12/11/40.
To 2 Comms Flight (CF) 12/11/40.
Port undercarriage collapsed while landing 12/05/41.
To QANTAS 31/05/41.
To 2 CF 24/01/42.
To 3 CF 10/08/42.
To 2 CRD 06/12/44.
Sold after 06/03/45.
Registered VH-ABT 06/08/46 to 22/08/59.
Withdrawn from use.

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A37-2 ? Was VH-UXN.
Impressed to RAAF 01/12/40.
With 1 CF 09/12/40.
To Pearce 19/08/41.
Awaiting conversion 15/12/41.
Converted to components.

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A37-3 193 Was G-ADHG. Was VH-AAT.
Impressed to RAAF 01/04/41 from the Royal Queensland Aeroclub.
To 2 CF 07/04/41.
To De Havilland for repair and this was underway on 05/12/41.
Delivered to RAAF 02/01/42 at 2 CF.
To 3 CF 10/08/42.
Ground Looped on landing at Evans Head 091/04/44.
To 3 CRD 14/06/44.
Tender for sale completed 09/03/45, sold for 206 pounds.
Delivered to new owner 16/03/45.
Port wing damaged 09/01/51.
Restored in 1990 and featured in the film 'The Great Race' as G-ACTM, still flying as VH-AAT.
Still extant Wangaratta.

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A37-4 123 Previously G-ACYZ/VH-ACC.
Gifted to RAAF 10/02/41.
With 1 EFTS 10/02/41 and up until 06/04/42.
With 1 CF from 20/04/42.
Tail under repair 01/02/43.
To ANSETT 19/02/43.
Back with 1 CF 14/05/43.
To Point Cook 26/07/45.
To CFS 05/08/45.
Offered back to owner who gifted it to RAAF, no further flying permitted from 29/07/45.
To Point Cook 08/02/46.
Returned to owner, Mr. G. Mitchell 30/09/46.
CF-AUV/C-FAUV stored in a disused trailer dismantled Ontario Canada.

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A37-5 ? Previously VH-UAI.
Gifted to RAAF 10/02/41.
With 1 EFTS 10/02/41.
With 1 CF 20/04/42.
Accident on 24/04/42 and undercarriage bent.
To Point Cook 26/07/45.
Offered back to owner who gifted it to RAAF.
Passed to a person other than the original owner on 19/08/46.

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A37-6 ? Previously VH-ACE.
Impressed by the RAAF.
To 33 Sqn 07/07/42.
Aircraft damaged during takeoff when the undercarriage collapsed 15/10/42.
To 12 RSU Garbutt on 16/10/42.
To 13ARD 14/10/43.
It was decided it was damaged beyond economical repair and was converted to components after 12/10/43.

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The Authors of this page are Darren Crick and Steve Mackenzie (updated by Brendan Cowan) 

Source: Flightpath Magazine, CASA Aircraft Records, Aircraft Status Cards.

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Updated 11th October 2016


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