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RAAF A32 Percival Vega Gull

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Percival Vega Gull Image Gallery

Aircraft Serial C/N Aircraft History
A32-1 K36

This P10 Vega Gull was imported as VH-UVG in 1936, 
05/01/1940 Impresed from J.W.F.Collins into RAAF service under order IMP.REQ.NO. 12517,
In RAAF service the aircraft operated with No 1 Communications Unit and No 82 Wing Headquarters.
The airframe was in a Maroon scheme with Silver trim plus RAAF markings when first received.
On April 3 1945, A32-1 was severely damaged when it ground-looped at Mildura, 
24/01/1946 Sold through the Commission to a Mr Edwards at 1 CD Richmond for £265 (Airframe
£230 & Engine £35).
30/01/1946 Issued to Mr Edwards.

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A32-2 K98

Previously owned by the Rt Hon R. G. Casey and was entered on the civil register in 1938 as VH-ACA.
15/01/1940 Impresed into RAAF service under order IMP.REQ.NO. 12518,
This aircraft served with No 1 Communications Unit from January 15 1940, to June 5 1946.
On the latter date, it was issued to J. Lonergan in exchange for his Beechcraft C-17B, VH-UXP, which had been impressed as A39-3 in March 1942.
The aircraft was painted in a camouflage scheme at some stage during its life.
A32-2 is currently under restoration to fly in QLD by Leigh Giles

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Updated 10 January 2014


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