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RAAF A25 Airspeed AS.10 Oxford
RAAF Article XV Squadrons - 455, 456 & 464 Sqns RAAF

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Airspeed Oxford Mk.I V3354
1 Service Flying Training School
Photo via Mike Mirkovic


Airspeed Oxford Image Gallery

  Oxfords are known to have been operated by 455, 456 & 464 Squadrons in the UK.  
RAAF Airspeed Oxford Pages Serial Range
RAAF Oxfords Home Page All RAAF Oxfords
RAF Serials (Single letter) P6878 to X8606
RAF Serials (Double Letter) AP427 to LW193
RAF Serials (RAAF Article XV Squadrons)  P8606 & AP461
RAF.Serial. Aircraft history
P8606(?) Quoted as used by 456 Sqn, RAAF as a Squadron Communications Hack 28/06/1942 to 14/06/1945.

The Serial P8606 was actually allocated to an RAF Spitfire Mk.II.

AP461 15/10/1941 Royal Air Force College, Cranwell,
1943 (Pilots ) Advanced Flying Unit,
1944 464 Sqn (RAAF) under RAF Control,
1945 85 Group CF,
1945 Struck off charge.

The Author of this page is Brendan Cowan.

Source: RAAF Museum Website, Accident cards supplied by Darryl Gibbs, Classic Wings Downunder Magazine, Aircraft Status Cards, The Oxford, Consul & Envoy File, John Hamlin Air-Britain.

Emails: Gordon Birkett, Clive Lynch, Howard Curtis, Grahame Higgs, Matt Bolton.

Updated 10 December 2014


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