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RAAF A21 De Havilland Dh.94 Moth Minor

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D.H.94 Moth Minor A21-6, Laverton, c.1940. via Mike Mirkovic.


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RAAF.Serial C/N Aircraft History
A21-1 94058 Ex G-AFNA.
Crashed 06/01/42, 6 miles from Windsor NSW.
A21-2 94056 Ex G-AFOF.
A21-3 94079 Ex VH-ADC.
Registered VH-BKI 28/06/48 to 28/08/48.
Crashed 28/08/48 near St Arnaud VIC.
A21-4 94060 Ex G-AFNO.
Registered VH-AFT 25/05/45 to 19/12/47 and 08/03/48 to 28/11/51.
Crashed and burned 18/05/51 at Bankstown NSW.
A21-5 94050 Ex G-AFNZ.
A21-6 94063


D.H.94 Moth Minor A21-6, 
Laverton, c.1940. 
via Mike Mirkovic.

A21-7 94066 Ex G-AFNB.
A21-8 94065 Ex G-AFPA.
Used as 83 Sqn Hack 09/43.
A21-9 94068 Ex G-AFRJ.
Crashed 01/08/44, 5 miles south east of Pearce WA.
A21-10 94094

Registered VH-AHJ 23/08/45 to 06/08/51 and 30/03/53 to 08/12/65.
Registered VH-KHJ 08/12/65 to 05/11/71.
Withdrawn for spares at Tyabb VIC 1970.
VH-KHJ (A21-10) was acquired by Nelson Wilson in 1971 and used to repair VH-AIB (A21-38). Very little of VH-AIB was incorporated into the rebuilt aircraft however it remained VH-AIB.
The rebuilt aircraft was initially marked as A21-10
 and still flies today as VH-AIB marked as A21-38

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A21-11 94074 Ex G-AFOA.
Crashed 08/07/40, into sea off Point Cook VIC.
A21-12 94076

Line number 3.01.
Reported as previously VH-AAQ.
Registered VH-AMI 11/01/46 to 19/12/47 and 02/03/48 to 11/05/51.
Withdrawn and restored. Registered VH-DDG 28/07/52 to 03/02/55.
Registered VH-THT 03/02/55 to 15/10/62.
Damaged 25/02/62 near Busselton WA.
Preserved RAAFA Museum, Bull Creek WA. Incorporates some parts salvaged from VH-AIB (exA21-38)

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A21-13 94078 Ex G-AFOS.
Registered VH-AHT 12/10/45 to 08/01/48.
Crashed 13/07/47, Carnamah WA.
A21-14 9404

Registered VH-AGL, 05/04/46 to 17/09/58.
Crashed 01/06/57, Mayfield NSW.
Rebuilt 17/03/81 and Registered VH-AGO 17/03/81 to 27/03/81 as AGL was re-allocated.
Re-Registered VH-AGO from 10/05/84.
Located at the Caboolture Warplane Museum.
13/05/2011 Registered VH-AGO to Charles Camilleri, Bathhurst, NSW.

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A21-15 94088

Registered VH-AFV 30/04/45 to 11/04/56.
Rebuilt using parts from c/n 94008, then assumed c/n 94008 and Registered VH-AED.

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A21-16 94064 Ex G-AFPW.
A21-17 94080 Ex VT-ALJ.
A21-18 94081 ?
A21-19 94075 Line number 3.00.
Registered VH-AGT 25/05/45 to 04/05/67.
Damaged 04/05/67, Port Macquarie NSW.
Currently located at the Camden Museum of Aviation
This is a privately owned collection and is not open to the public.
A21-20 94084 Ex G-AFUU (not taken up).
Registered VH-AGA 10/10/45 to 06/08/51.
Damaged 12/48, near Sydney NSW.
Withdrawn 17/12/48 and later exported to New Zealand as ZK-AJR.
A21-21 94086 Ex G-AFYS.
A21-22 94085 ?
A21-23 94083 Ex G-AFYR (not taken up).
Registered VH-AFU 09/07/45 to 29/03/57.
Crashed 05/11/56, in Black Forrest near Gisbourne VIC.
A21-24 94087 Registered VH-AHK 14/07/45 to 20/11/63.
Crashed 20/11/63 near Busselton WA.
A21-25 94089 Ex G-AFSE (not taken up).
Registered VH-AEM 15/06/45 to 09/08/48 and 14/06/50 to 11/12/52.
Damaged 23/05/52 at Bonnie Doon VIC.
A21-26 94090 ?
A21-27 94092 ?
A21-28 94093 ?
A21-29 ? ?
A21-30 94095

Ex G-AFUV (not taken up).
Impressed into RAAF 28/03/40.
Registered VH-AFQ 06/03/45 to 19/12/47, 13/05/48 to 17/09/59, 23/02/62 to 29/03/65 and 12/65 to 11/09/68.
Sold in Canada, became CF-AOO.

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A21-31 94096 ?
A21-32 94097 Crashed 12/01/41, near Falls Bridge NSW.
A21-33 94098 ?
A21-34 94099 Registered VH-AEK 09/07/45 to 13/02/46.
Crashed 22/01/46 at Bondi NSW.
A21-35 94100 Ex G-AFSF.
Crashed 07/01/41, 3 miles north of Camden NSW.
A21-36 94091 ?
A21-37 94082 Ex G-AFYP.
A21-38 DHP17

Line number 4.01.
Served with 38 Sqn Comms Flight from 09/02/44.
Registered VH-AIB 26/11/45 to 02/01/76 and from 09/02/77.
Crashed on takeoff 20/12/70 after a forced landing at Wonthaggi, Vic. Extensively damaged.
VH-KHJ (exA21-10) was acquired by Nelson Wilson in 1971 and used to repair VH-AIB (exA21-38). Very little of VH-AIB was incorporated into the rebuilt aircraft however it remained registered as VH-AIB.
This rebuilt aircraft initially marked as A21-10
still flies today as VH-AIB and is currently marked as A21-38
21/08/2006 Owned by Steve Jenkins and located at Goolwa SA, in flying condition and flown regularly.

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A21-39 DHP18
The CAA had this as c/n DHA-18.
Registered VH-AFS 06/02/46 to 17/12/48.
Crashed 31/10/48, near Forbes NSW.
A21-40 DHP19 Registered VH-AXB 19/12/46 to 01/1049.
Registered VH-BXB 01/10/49 to 27/06/59 and 15/09/61 to 15/09/63.
Crashed 15/07/63, Koyuga VIC.
A21-41 DHP20
Impressed into RAAF 23/04/40.
Registered VH-AGF 08/06/45 to 19/12/47 and 25/06/48 to 31/08/54.
Crashed 05/03/54, near Grafton NSW.
A21-42 94067

Registered VH-ACR 17/01/40 to 15/11/41.
Impressed in RAAF 15/11/41.
To 2 EFTS 18/11/41.
To 5 SFTS 23/03/42.
Accident at Belfrayden on 01/05/44 the aircraft was left un-attended and it moved forward sustaining damage.
To 8 EFTS 20/12/44 for storage.
Sold by CDC for 100 pounds 16/03/45.
Registered VH-ACR 26/04/45 to 14/10/47.
Registered VH-CZB 2003, currently under restoration to fly at Sandora Aviation, Caboolture.
As of 09/2006 the engine is nearly ready and the wing extensions (folding sections) are being restored. There is a good chance it will be flying by the end of 2007.Finished in all-over yellow with RAAF markings.
25/08/2008 Registered VH-CZB with Military Air Training Heritage Pty Ltd, Creighton's Creek, Victoria.

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N/A 94047

23/01/1940 Moth Minor 94047 was first registered in Australia as VH-ACS somehow seems to have escaped being impressed into RAAF,
It is  still active with Robert Bunn of Bungowannah, NSW.



Moth Minor
Camouflaged and wearing Squadron Codes
Photo via Chris McQuellin
Albury and District Historical Society


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