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RAAF Seagull V & Walrus Image Gallery


Supermarine Seagull V

Aircraft Serial Aircraft.Type. Aircraft History
A2-1 Seagull V 25/06/35 First Flight
09/09/35 Delivered
/35 Service Trials at MAEE Felixstowe and AEE Martlesham Heath flown by Flt Lt Tony Ragg, RAAF,
9/9/35 Allocated to 5 Sqn RAAF and attached to HMAS AUSTRALIA (075),
10/9/35 Embarked HMAS AUSTRALIA at Spithead; Crew - Flt Lt A. Ragg, RAAF, Lt Cdr V.E. Kennedy, Ldg Tel Oxley3/10/35 Engine lost revs in flight
11/10/35 Engine lost revs in flight
22/11/35 Engine lost revs in flight
25/11/35 Engine lost revs in flight
10/1/36 Engine lost revs in flight
18/3/36 Engine lost revs in flight. Cause of failures tentatively identified as air leaking into fuel system through the master cock of the air start system.
26.3.36 Major accident at Alexandria
'It so happened that the First Lieutenant, Lt Cdr V.E. Kennedy was also the Observer. Because he was in a hurry to get back on board after a flight he got a boat to take him from the aircraft to the ship, "... ... leaving the Telegraphist Air Gunner to hook on, which I normally did, standing on top of the aircraft centre section to do so. The TAG hooked on then climbed down into the interior of the aircraft. Had he (or I) stood in the normal position we must have been severely injured when the crane jib was at maximum elevation because the new slip parted, dropping the Seagull bodily on top of a 4-inch A.A. Gun. Luckily no one was severely hurt, but the Seagull was a mess." (‘HMAS Australia 1928-1955’) Split pin sheared
31/3/36 Supermarine (for repairs),
27/9/38 First flight after rebuild
27/10/38 HMAS HOBART
15/11/38 Damaged Malta while being hoisted aboard HMAS HOBART by crane,
21/12/38 Disembarked to RAAF Richmond
1/1/39 5 Sqn renumbered as 9 Sqn
3/1/39 Struck by taxiing Avro Anson A4-18, at Richmond NSW
5/5/39 RAAF Richmond (
By 12/8/40 At RAAF Richmond
11/11/40 Qantas Rose Bay for overhaul
2/5/41 RAAF Rathmines
3/5/41 Seaplane Training Flt, Rathmines
4/7/41 Disembarked to Rathmines via Archerfield and Coffs Harbour
28/8/41 Disembarked to Rathmines via Archerfield and Coffs Harbour “for repairs”
12/9/41 U/s due to flying accident .
13/9/41 Disembarked to Archerfield and replaced by A2-11.
27/9/41 at 9 Sqn
3/10/41 to Qantas Rose Bay for repairs
6/7/42 RAAF Rathmines
5/8/42 Departed Rathmines to survey Qld coast to obtain photos and information for the Coastal Air Pilot - returned by 28.8.42
6/8/42 Aboard HMS ACHILLES;
20/8/42 flew over restricted area giving Brisbane her first air raid alarm of the war;
24/8/42 Sighted submarine 33.19S 151.38E but it had disappeared by the time the aircraft arrived on the spot and no attack was made
3/9/42 Aircraft bounced 8 ft during night landing at Rathmines and landed on port float - pilot inexperience
10/09/42 catapulted off while ship still doing 24 knots in Hauraki Gulf, starboard wing damaged;
9/42 Disembarked and returned to Australia.
14/10/42 Force Landed at Harrington on the Manning River - no damage or casualties (Note: Also noted as 16/10/42)
11/1/43 SHQ Rathmines
15/1/43 Qantas Rose Bay
2/2/43 9 Sqn Rathmines
23/2/43 Qantas, Rose Bay for overhaul
12/5/44 2 FBRD Rathmines
8/6/44 3 OTU Williamtown
12/11/44 Ground looped after cross wind landing at Williamtown
30/11/44 Qantas Rose Bay for repair
19/1/45 Approved for Conversion to Components
6/2/45 2 CRD for conversion.

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A2-2 Seagull V 5/35 Allotted to 5 Sqn
16/10/1935. First flight.
18/10/35 Embarked HMAS SYDNEY off Lee-on-Solent, Hants (076)
18/5/36 Still embarked HMAS SYDNEY
5/36 RAF Middle East reported skin cracks in the vicinity of rivets and that ailerons and elevators had insufficient clearances and had to be pared down.
/36 Served for a period in HMS GLORIOUS for deck landing trials
23/9/36 Embarked HMAS SYDNEY
17/10/36 Force landed on Hawkesbury River, 8 mils from Richmond after priming pipe parted during search for missing 16 ft launch ‘Mystery Star’ (Flt Lt C.W. Pearce, Lt Fogarty, RAN),
23/10/36 Embarked HMAS SYDNEY
1/12/36 Disembarked to RAAF Richmond
17/6/37 Corrosion reported in tube locks
22/10/37 At 2 AD with engine removed
16/12/37 5 Sqn
24/2/38 Left 5 Sqn (to where?)
11/10/38 1 FTS, Point Cook
6/2/39 Taxied into Gypsy Moth A7-66
13/7/39 Allocated 10 Sq
25/8/39 At 1 FTS
30/11/39 Seaplane Training Flight, Point Cook for later transfer to Rathmines
15/2/40 On the morning of 15.2.40, Sqn Ldr D.A. Connelly. and Plt Off R.H. Thompson were practising landings when the engine caught fire. They were unable to extinguish the flames and forced landed about 10 miles south of Point Cook. The old Bay paddle steamer "Weeroona" was on a picnic cruise to Sorrento when smoke was sighted and the crew of A2-2 were rescued and taken to Queenscliff. The aircraft burned to the waterline and finally submerged (RAAF Accident Report).
19/2/40 Acft officially written off.

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A2-3 Seagull V 15/11/35 First flight
8/1/36 Taken on charge 1 AD
3/3/36 Received from overseas at 1 AD Laverton
5/3/36 1 FTS Point Cook
26/3/36 Tail damaged on the slip[ at Point Cook with 1 FTS
4/36 1 AD for repair
13/5/36 Seaplane Training Flight
27/5/36 1 FTS Seaplane Sqn
2/3/37 Port folding flap blown open damaging a propeller blade and the flap (Sgt C E Tuttleby, LAC W D Richmond, AC1 WCH Kingston)
31/8/38 Flap damaged in heavy seas
11/10/38 2 AD for repair
no date ARS
7/11/39 9 Sqn
26/2/40 Embarked HMAS MANOORA
5/4/40 Aboard HMAS MANOORA
12/6/40 wing float collapsed while taking off on heavy seas North East of Solomon Is.;
7/08/40 2 AD for repair
4/9/40 test flown at Qantas Rose Bay by pilot from HMAS PERTH Flight
9/9/40 Seaplane Training Flt Rathmines
8/11/40 Forced landing after engine cut out (Cadet Scutts, LAC C E Harwood). Acft towed back to Rathmines, engine restarted, no further trouble
1/11/41 2 AD
13/1/42. Burst tyre on take-off and landed ok and repaired
6/7/42 Qantas for overhaul
11/10/42 9 Sqn Rathmines for HMAS WESTRALIA
13/1/43 Damaged when starboard tyre blew after touch down and aircraft ground looped
4/2/43 Flown to Bowen for repair
14/6/43 – 24/6/43 Attached to 8 Sqn, Townsville
7/43 Coded ‘YQ-O’ with 9 Sqn
24/9/43 2 FBRD
7/44 Passed to contractors (presumably Qantas, Rose Bay)
8/44 2 FBRD for storage
23/11/44 Base Torpedo Unit 3 OTU Williamtown
1/45 2 FBRD for overhaul
15/6/45 3 OTU
14/12/.45 2 FBRD for storage
27/2/46 Offered to CDC for disposal
22/3/46 2 AD Schofields for storage
25/4/46 U/s due to hailstorm damage
28/5/46 Rathmines Maintenance Sqn ex ASRF
14/8/46 Airframe offered by CDC for sale by tender by 6.9.46. Aircraft with 2 CRD, RAAF Richmond, NSW, reported as 'Requires fabric change'. Total hours 1433.00. U/S requiring new inner tube for tail wheel, new windows and complete fabric change
Later History
1/10/47 Sold by CDC to E. McIlree, 199 Castlereagh St, Sydney for 35
4/12/47 Issued to purchaser
27/5/49 Registered VH-BGP for Amphibious Airways
1/4/51 Arrived Papua New Guinea to be operated by Amphibious Airways [owned by McIlree]
14/4/51 Damaged in water take off at Logon Bay, Pattangat, New Ireland
/51 Shipped to Lae for repair
1/52 Blown into a Qantas DC-3 in a storm at Rabaul
/52 Shipped to Lae for repair
21/3/52 C of A expired at Lae
/52 Offered for sale but not sold/
16/6/54 Registration cancelled at owner's request and aircraft withdrawn from service.

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A2-4 Seagull V 3/12/35 or 2/1/36 First flight
21/2/36 Received from overseas at 1AD Laverton
9/3/36 101 Flt Point Cook, Vic
17/3/36 1 AD
3/4/36 Arrived 101 Flt, Richmond from Laverton
14/4/36 Failure of lower tail skid stern post fitting
20/4/36 101 Flt redesignated 5 Sqn
28/1/37 Hull defect reported
10/2/37 – 17/2/37 Participated in RAN exercise in Jervis Bay
20/4/37 Allocated to HMAS SYDNEY. Landed Richmond, NSW and departed for Darwin, NT.
26/4/37 Darwin. Assisting Dr Donald Thompson (Anthropologist) in survey of Arnhem Land
5/6/37 Arrived Richmond from Darwin
5/7/37 Tasked to assist CSR with an East Coast Fish Survey (Hobart to Townsville)
10/7/37 Hull pierced by jack, Pt Cook
15/7/37 Hull pierced by buoy, Mallacoota
8/8/37 Returned to Richmond
22/8/37 Embarked HMAS SYDNEY
8/10/37 Disembarked to Richmond
26/10/37 Embarked HMAS SYDNEY
27/1/38 Embarked HMAS SYDNEY
28/2/38 Struck side of HMAS SYDNEY and sank in Jervis Bay
22/3/38 Salvaged from Jervis Bay,
25/3/38 Disembarked to Richmond
29/3/38 2 AD Richmond for repair
3/4/38 Arrived 2 AD
3/3/39 Swung on landing
8/8/39 9 Sqn
12/9/39 10 Sqn, Rathmines,
22/12/39 Forced landing in Rushcutters Bay, Sydney when roof hatch flew off into propeller. (Flt Lt Campbell)
23/1/40 Allotted Seaplane Flight Point Cook
13/2/40 Stbd float damaged when acft landed ashore without lowering undercarriage. Acft had been operating from water (Pilot P/O McMahon)
19/2/40 Flap locking device failed causing damage to propeller
22/2/40 2 AD Richmond for repair
4/3/40 Arrived Seaplane Training Flight Rathmines [Formed 1.3.40]
21/5/40 9 Sqn
11/7/40 Embarked HMAS PERTH
23/9/40 Cockpit, wings and tailplane damaged when port 4 inch HA gun fired on a forward bearing during Admiral's inspection. (Flight records indicate that this may have actually occurred to A2-18 [q.v.])
26/9/40 Landed to 9 Sqn for repair - replaced by A2-17 24.9.40 (but see A2-18)
2/10/40 At Qantas for repair
4/11/40 Serving at 9 Sqn
3/12/40 – 9/12/40 Attached to 1 CF Laverton for drogue target towing
16/1/41 At 2AD
21/1/41 Forced landing in Gunnamatta Bay, Port Hacking, NSW, after flying wire fitting failed during target towing. (Pilot P/O Mason)
10/2/41 Aircraft bounced during take-off and damaged port wing and mainplane
26/11/41 To 2AD for 180 hourly inspection Arrived 27/11
No date 9 Sqn
17/6/42 Arrived 2 AD from 9 Sqn and transferred to Qantas Rose Bay for overhaul
10/11/42 9 Sqn
11/1/43 SHQ Rathmines
6/2/43 Arrived 9 Sqn Bowen
7/43 Coded ‘YQ-P
7/8/43 Ground looped to port at Cairns, Qld after flight from Mornington Island and damaged port spar, aileron and float. Flown to Bowen for repair but this could not be completed there
2/12/43 2 FBRD
12/1/44 Qantas for repair
26/7/45 3 OTU via 2 FBRD
14/12/45 2 FBRD for storage with Pegasus 2M2 No 16664
3/2/46 Reported still at 3 OUT
22/3/46 Storage at 2 AD Schofields
25/4/46 Damaged by hailstorm
13/5/46 At Maintenance Sqn Rathmines
14/8/46 Airframe offered by CDC for sale by tender by 6.9.46. Aircraft with 2 CRD, RAAF Richmond, NSW, reported as 'fully serviceable'.Total hours 1446.00
15/8/46 Maintenance Sqn Rathmines ex ASR Sqn
Later History
3/10/46 Sold by CDC to McIlree Motors, Sydney for 600
10/10/46 Issued to purchaser
? Registration VH-ALB reserved
13/9/50 Reservation VH-ALB cancelled and aircraft stored by McIlree
/59 Sold to P Gibbes, , H. O’Hara and A Whiter and prepared for CofA by Lawrence Engineering and Sales, Camden, NSW
17/3/60 test flight
14/4/60 Registered VH-ALB for private use but later registered for aerial work and operated by Amphair (Amphibious Air Carter) P/L of Toorak, Vic with seven passenger seats. Flew joy flights from Seaford, Port Philip Bay, Vic
9/62 Sold to R.W. Shute for 5,000 to be operated as Barrier Reef Flying Boat Service from Mackay. Qld.
17/3/63 Last regular flight – placed in storage at Mackay
29/10/63 Flown to Bankstown. NSW and offered for sale
5/64 Bought by a group of local business men S.R. Johnson, H. Treloar and J.L. Nicholls.
2/10/64 Damaged when ground looped during conversion training
30/1/66 Forced landing at Terrigal, NSW, with engine trouble. Later flew back to Camden.
10/68 Damaged in wind storm at Camden
By 7/69 had moved to Bankstown for restoration with a view to competing in the London to Sydney Air Race for which it was allocated the Race Number ‘48’
9/7/69 Test flight for CofA renewal
26/11/69 Regular flying recommenced
8/12/69 Departed Sydney for Singapore and reached Dili, Timor by 17/12 when it was held up by lack of appropriate fuel. Obviously some damage occurred because after repairs were completed and correct fuel obtained, departed for Bankstown on 30/12/69, arriving on 8/1/70
27/1/70 Suffered engine failure shortly after take-off at Taree, NSW but stbd wheel struck a stump in long grass during forced landing and undercarriage, fuselage, stbd float and wing were damaged. Aircraft was dismantled and returned to Bankstown (Pilot Neville M Parnell was uninjured)
9/3/72 Registration cancelled at owners request
5/72 Exchanged with RAF Museum for Spitfire XIV TE384 and AUD5,000
1/73 – 4/73 flown to UK by RAAF (Richmond to Darwin) and RAF (Darwin, Nadi, Nuku’alofa’ Hawaii, California and Gander)
11/79 Restoration complete and aircraft placed on display in RAF Museum, Hendon as A2-4

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A2-5 Seagull V 2/1/36 First Flight
17/3/36 Received from overseas at 1 AD Laverton
3/4/36 Arrived 101 Flight, Richmond from Laverton
20/4/36 On board HMAS AUSTRALIA when 101 Flt redesignated 5 Sqn
21/4/36 – 23/4/36 Catapult trials in Port Jackson from HMAS CANBERRA
5/5/36 Embarked HMAS CANBERRA. Port wingtip struck CMB target
6/5/36 Forced landing in Jervis Bay after engine failure at 7,000ft
8/5/36 Disembarked to Richmond
4/7/36 Aircraft was at a buoy in Jervis Bay when the wind increased to 60 mph. The aircraft was beached and its rudder damaged by the surf
10/7/36 Embarked HMAS CANBERRA
2/9/36 Aircraft would not restart in heavy rain after landing near South Molle Island, Qld, to survey an anchorage. Aircraft was towed by boat to the destroyer HMAS WATERHEN and spent the night in rough weather secured astern before recovery by HMAS CANBERRA
13/9/36 Disembarked to Richmond
5/12/36 Embarked HMAS CANBERRA
1/1/37 Disembarked from HMAS CANBERRA at Victor Harbour, S.A. and flown to Richmond for crew leave via Nhill, Point Cook (night stop), Metung, Mallacoota (night stop) arriving 3.1.37. (Pilot Flt Lt F X Richards)
4/3/37 Forced landing at Hobart, Tas, after engine failure. (Flt Lt F X Richards)
28/7/37 Damaged in landing at Port Moresby, PNG "AUSTRALIA's aircraft was launched on the second day at Port Moresby to carry out a survey flight.On landing at the aerodrome the tail skid collapsed causing the weight of the aircraft to be taken on the hull. This resulted in extensive damage to the hull from the rough ground. As the aircraft was beyond local repair it was decided to ship her to Sydney in a merchant ship.” (‘HMAS Australia 1928 – 1955’ M.A.Payne)
31/7/37 Despatched in SS MONTORO to 2 AD Richmond for repairs
8/8/37 SS MONTORO arrived Sydney and the aircraft was towed away for repair
13/8/37 Arrived 2 AD
14/11/40 Seaplane Training Flt Rathmines
31/12/40 Allotted to HMAS MANOORA
6/1/41 9 Sqn
20/2/41 Compass swing before embarking HMAS MANOORA
17/3/41 Damaged on take-off from Whitsunday Passage, Qld, when folding flap blew into airscrew
1/4/41 On board HMAS MANOORA escorting SS KATOOMBA on passage Rabaul to Sydney
5/4/41 Disembarked to Rathmines
9/4/41 Embarked HMAS MANOORA
12/5/41 Joined in HMAS MANOORA by A2-13 from HMAS WESTRALIA until approx 15.5.41
20/5/41 Hull damaged while aircraft was being hoisted in. Temporarily repaired on board
26/5/41 Flew photo reconnaissance of Graciosa Bay, Ndeni Island, Solomon Islands
2/6/41 Disembarked to Rathmines for repair
18/6/41 Seaplane Trg Flt Rathmines
2/7/41 Accident at Rathmines when starboard flap locking device failed on landing and flap fouled airscrew
22/9/41 9 Sqn
22/11/41 HMAS MANOORA to replace A2-9
22/1/42 Disembarked to Dum-Dum Airport, Bombay until 27.1.42 for overhaul and new engine [ Note: Pilot broke his arm on about 28.1.42 and there was no flying until 5.42
6/5/42 Disembarked to Rathmines for compass swing then re-embarked
19/5/42 Transferred to HMS LEANDER in Port Vila, New Hebrides - replaced by W2755
26/5/42 Embarked in HMS LEANDER
1/8/42 Received Melbourne ex New Zealand. To Point Cook for inspection
18/8/42 Qantas for repair
6/10/43 2 FBRD [Initial allocation to 1 RCS cancelled]
7/2/44 8 CU
14/2/44 Crashed after landing Townsville, Qld while being ferried by 13 ARD
15/2/44 13 ARD
29/6/44 9 Sqn
11/7/44 Hydraulic line burst during circuit training at Bowen, Qld. Wheels dropped but chine locks did not engage and undercarriage folded up during forced landing on the airfield. Hull and port float damaged
13/7/44 Aircraft airworthy and departed Bowen for Rathmines for repair - arrived 15.7
16/7/44 2 FBRD
21/8/44 QANTAS for major hull repairs
18/1/45 2 FBRD
22/1/45 3 OTU
23/5/45 Water looped after landing slightly nose down at Rathmines. Both mainplanes wrecked plus other damage. (Flt Lt Woodcock, W/O Davidson (WOP) and Flt Lt Coates (passenger) all uninjured)[Reported as 24.5 in other record)
5/6/45 2 CRD
21/6/45 Approval given for conversion to components

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A2-6 Seagull V 20/1/36 First Flight
13/5/36 Received from overseas at 1 AD Laverton
11/5/36 5 Sqn
17/7/36 To Gippsland for photo survey until 21.7
23/7/36 Further photo survey of Gippsland until 5.8
20/8/36 To HMAS ALBATROSS for hoisting and fitting into catapult trolley
24/8/36 First successful catapult launch from HMAS ALBATROSS
27/8/36 Further successful launches
1/9/36 Harbour launching tests completed
/36 1 FTS
28/1/37 Embarked HMAS CANBERRA
5/4/37 Landing wire fouled airscrew
22/5/37 Wingtip damaged during landing on wet airfield
6/9/37 5 Sqn
10/37 2 AD
28/6/38 5 Sqn
13/7/38 Embarked HMAS CANBERRA
7/9/38 Embarked HMAS SYDNEY. Airscrew damaged by starting handle
9/9/38 Wingtip damaged in landing on Moreton Bay
6/10/38 2 AD Richmond for hull repairs
4/11/38 1 FTS
9/11/38 Wingtip damaged
2/5/39 Aircraft damaged during wing folding
30/6/39 Forced landing (at Golalie?)
25/8/39 Possibly in use by 10 Sqn
30/11/39 STF Point Cook for transfer to Rathmines
11/12/39 1 FTS
20/3/40 Arrived Seaplane Training Flight, Rathmines
13/5/40 Force landed due to fuel starvation - rubber from refuelling hoses found in fuel system
26/5/40 Force landed due to low revs
24/6/40 Damage to nose, mainplane and float when aircraft swung on landing at Richmond
27/6/40 2 AD
6/6/41 Repair completed at 2 AD, departed for Rathmines
7/6/41 STF
12/6/41 Damaged in heavy landing in rough water
12/7/41 2 AD for transfer to Qantas Rose Bay
20/7/41 QANTAS, Rose Bay, NSW, for repair
17/9/41 Returned to Rathmines
27/9/41 9 Sqn
7/10/41 Port float damaged in heavy landing
5/11/41 Port float damaged in landing
3/1/42 Stbd undercarriage collapsed on touching slip while being beached at Rathmines
17/1/42 Heavy landing at Rathmines
28/1/42 Departed Rathmines for Qantas, Rose Bay
30/1/42 Qantas for repair
23/2/42 9 Sqn
6/7/42 Qantas for overhaul
28/4/43 2 FBRD Rathmines
10/5/43 Departed Rathmines for 9 Sqn Bowen
12/5/43 9 Sqn
7/43 Coded ‘YQ-J’
30/8/43 Aircraft sunk after heavy landing in position 12.00S 146.35E."At 0530 hours, A2-6 was photographing an outbound convoy from Cairns and flying at 200 feet when the engine failed. Flg Off H. Dowsley landed at the rear of the convoy in a fairly heavy sea. The Seagull began shipping water, so on the orders of the Captain of HMAS SWAN, Dowsley, together with the navigator, Flt Sgt L. Deacon, and the WO/AG, Flt Sgt T.H.L. Beasley, and as much gear as could be salvaged, were taken off and the aircraft sunk by naval gunfire in 925 fathoms of water. (RAAF Historical Section Memo)
14/9/43 Written off charge

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A2-7 Seagull V 22/1/36 First flight
13/5/36 Received from overseas at 1 AD Laverton
6/36 5 Sqn
15/8/36 To Brisbane for Royal Queensland Aero Club Pageant. Oleo leg failed on landing Archerfield, Qld
8/36 To Qantas Archerfield for repair
17/8/36 Returned to Richmond
24/8/36 To Queensland with A2-8 for photo survey of Portland Roads
15/12/36 Swung on landing and port wing hit water, Jervis Bay, ACT.
28/1/37 Embarked HMAS SYDNEY
23/2/37 Assisted CSR with pelagic fish survey off the NSW coast until 28.3
17/7/37 Embarked HMAS SYDNEY in Jervis Bay
4/8/37 Damaged when rammed by crash boat
20/8/37 Undercarriage collapsed on landing at Archerfield, Qld, after chassis lock failed to engage. (P/Off A N Hick)
Allocated to 2 AD Richmond for repairs
2/9/37 Disembarked MV Duntroon (in Sydney?) for 2 AD
6/9/37 Arrived 2 AD for crash repairs
18/11/38 9 Sqn
1/1/39 5 Sqn actually became 9 Sqn
31/1/39 Embarked HMAS HOBART
7/2/39 Wingtip damaged by wave
5/5/39 Disembarked HMAS HOBART
9/7/39 Wave crushed wingtip and float, Jervis Bay, ACT
10/7/39 Repaired on board HMAS HOBART
28/7/39 Damaged when swung on landing
14/9/39 1 FTS
17/9/39 10 Sqn
26/10/39 Damaged in forced landing, Warburton, Vic. 'An officer and two members of the crew of an RAAF aircraft were injured and the plane was extensively damaged when it made a forced landing at Warburton, Vic. The pilot, FlgOff Magnus John May, of Carnegie, Melbourne, and Aircraftsman Stanley George Bordiss of Newcastle, NSW, escaped with slight cuts and shock. Aircraftsman Francis Reginald Holbe of Bonbeach, Vic, sustained a fracture of the thigh and shock. All were admitted to Caulfield Military Hospital.' (Melbourne Argus, 27/10/39)
31/5/40 Converted to components

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A2-8 Seagull V 7/2/36 First flight
13/5/36 Received 1 AD Laverton from overseas
11/5/36 Arrived 5 Sqn, Richmond ex Laverton
24/8/36 To Queensland with A2-7 for photo survey of Portland Roads
1/2/38 Damaged when struck wave in heavy landing
5/10/38 Hull damaged on night flight!
1/11/38 2AD Richmond store awaiting repair
30/3/39 2AD workshops
13/2/40 Suffered brake failure
12/3/40 9 Sqn
29/3/40 Embarked HMAS WESTRALIA
10/4/40 Recce of Macassar Roads to identify reported German pocket battleship SCHEER. Shadowed by twin engined Fokker floatplane
11/4/40 Similar sortie but without shadower. Port lower wingtip damaged on the ship's guard rails when tackle parted during recovery
23/4/40 Damage repaired and aircraft test flown
1/5/40 Disembarked HMAS WESTRALIA and exchanged with A2-11 (Date given as 3/5/40 in aircrew log book)
8/5/40 U/S at Darwin
27/5/40 Departed for 11 Sqn Port Moresby (RD)
1/6/40 Arrived 11 Sqn
9/7/40 Arrived Rathmines from 11 Sqn and reallocated to STF replacing A2-6
22/7/40 9 Sqn
29/7/40 Temporarily allocated to STF
31/7/40 Swung after hitting a bump after landing at Richmond. Port float, aileron and lower mainplane damaged
14/8/40 Test flown at 2 AD
11/11/40 9 Sqn
27/11/40 Transferred to control of HQ Richmond
2/1/41 Loaned to STF by 9 Sqn
11/4/41 At Rose Bay for HMS ACHILLES but not required and returned to base 14.4
5/8/41 Departed to 2AD for overhaul
16/3/42 Departed 2 AD for Rathmines (RD)
17/3/42 9 Sqn
25/3/42 Departed Rathmines for Sydney to be embarked in SS CAGOU to join HMAS AUSTRALIA
30/3/42 Embarked HMAS AUSTRALIA
22/6/42 QANTAS, Rose Bay, NSW for repair
3/3/43 2 FBRD
10/3/43 3 OUT
9/4/43 While flying low to drop a drogue at Rathmines, the engine "did not come on again" and the aircraft had to land with the camera hatch open. Aircraft sank in 20 feet of water.
10/4/43 2 FBRD
22/7/43 3 OTU
7/2/45 Qantas for overhaul
/45 Decision made for work to be discontinued and acft to be allocated to 2 CRD for survey reports with a view to conversion to components
4/10/45 2CRD for survey
22/3/46 Storage at 2 CRD
14/8/46 Airframe offered by CDC for sale by tender by 6/9/46. Aircraft with 2 CRD, RAAF Richmond, NSW, completely dismantled. Total hours 510.20. No engine
16/8/46 2AD store
28/5/47 Authorised by CDC for write off
2/7/48 Issued to DAP ex 2AD
6/9/49 Action complete

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A2-9 Seagull V 14/2/36 First flight
19/5/36 Received 1 AD Laverton from overseas
6/36 5 Sqn
25/9/36 Aircraft swung after landing and struck lower port wing causing damage to the float and Wingtip.
24/10/37 Embarked HMAS CANBERRA
22/11/37 Crane jib dropped onto aircraft
29/11/37 Disembarked to Richmond
26/1/38 Embarked HMAS CANBERRA
7/38 Embarked HMAS SYDNEY
6/7/38 Damaged on HMAS SYDNEY
1/1/39 5 Sqn became 9 Sqn
27/1/39 Embarked HMAS SYDNEY
5/5/39 Disembarked to Richmond
21/8/39 2 AD Richmond for overhaul
19/8/40 Transferred to 2 AD stores Sqn
4/9/40 Arrived STF
22/11/40 Undercarriage disengaged when approaching slipway
8/1/41 Damaged on take-off when folding flap blew into the airscrew
4/41 9 Sqn
9/4/41 Received Rose Bay ex Rathmines for HMAS HOBART but required an engine change before embarkation
10/4/41 Embarked HMAS HOBART
14/4/41 9 Sqn
15/4/41 Allotted HMAS HOBART
1/7/41 Port float damaged in forced landing at Rathmines after engine failure
19/9/41 Departed Rathmines on allocation to HMAS MANOORA
22/9/41 Aircrew from HMAS MANOORA flew from Thursday Island to Townsville by Empire Flying Boat to collect their replacement aircraft A2-9. Crew brought a ball race to repair the engine which was evidently unserviceable
23/9/41 Aircraft departed Townsville for HMAS MANOORA in Port Moresby via Cooktown. Arrived 24.9
23/10/41 Photo Reconnaissance of Ocean Island
31/10/41 Photo reconnaissance of camouflage arrangements on Nauru
10/11/41 Disembarked to RAAF Rathmines. Aircraft replaced by A2-5 when flight re-embarked on 22.11
27/11/41 Forced landing at Illawarra with engine trouble
9/1/42 Cockpit hatch blew off and damaged strut
13/1/42 9 Sqn Rathmines
17/3/42 Arrived 2 AD from Rathmines
8/6/42 QANTAS, Rose Bay, NSW, for overhaul
10/1/43 9 Sqn
8/2/43 During dive bombing training sortie, the aircraft was seen to dive and not recover before crashing into the sea near Storey I, off Bowen, Qld, at 0900 hours. It sank in 12 fathoms of water and the crew, Lt J.H. McWhae RN, Flt Lt D.J. Hocking and Plt Off E.C.S. Seller were killed. Bodies were recovered 11.2.43. (RAAF Accident Report)
23/2/43 Conversion to components approved

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A2-10 Seagull V 24/2/36 First flight
19/5/36 Received 1 AD Laverton from overseas
1/8/36 1 FTS
14/10/36 Crashed into sea after bad landing off Point Cook, Vic. “At 1100 hours, Plt Off J.P. Godsell of the Seaplane Training Flight at Point Cook was practising landings when a bad alighting was made causing the aircraft to overturn and become submerged. The accident occurred about 200 yards from the East Jetty at Point Cook. The pilot and AC1 A.H. Hoffman both suffered slight injuries, shock and lacerations. The aircraft is beyond economical repair.” (Australian Archives, Brighton)
A2-11 Seagull V 2/3/36 First flight
19/5/36 Received 1 AD Laverton from overseas
7/36 5 Sqn
19/9/36 Attached to CSR to assist with survey of pelagic fish movements off the NSW coast
21/9/36 Port wing damaged on landing
13/10/36 Folding flaps struck airscrew
1/12/36 Returned to Richmond
17/7/37 Embarked HMAS CANBERRA in Jervis Bay
25/10/37 Disembarked to Richmond
27/1/38 Embarked in HMAS AUSTRALIA
31/1/38 Damaged on catapult
15/2/38 Airscrew damaged by grab gear
2/3/38 Disembarked to Richmond
25/4/38 Embarked HMAS CANBERRA
6/5/38 Disembarked to Richmond
2/8/38 2 AD Richmond for repair
3/8/39 9 Sqn
1/10/39 To 11 Sqn Port Moresby
7/10/39 Arrived 11 Sqn
26/4/40 9 Sqn HMAS WESTRALIA
29/4/40 Departed Port Moresby for Darwin for HMAS WESTRALIA
10/8/40 Disembarked to RNAS Ratmalana (Ceylon) while ship in dock
19/8/40 Photo recce of the Maldives for CinC East Indies until 23.8
31/10/40 Took part in the search for the German Raider PINGUIN in the Indian Ocean until 12.11
12/11/40 Port lower mainplane damaged when it touched the ship's side during recovery - damage repaired overnight
13/11/40 Aircraft damaged while being towed at 6 kts before hoisting
14/11/40 Mainplanes seriously damaged whilst hoisting inboard
11/40 Disembarked at Colombo (approx 18.11.40)
21/1/41 Embarked HMAS WESTRALIA for return to Australia
31/1/41 QANTAS Rose Bay, NSW, for repair
19/8/41 Reported at Rathmines ex HMAS PERTH
25/8/41 9 Sqn
6/9/41 Engine failure on take-off from Cooks River, near Mascot. Aircraft undamaged and was towed back to Mascot. It eventually flew back to Rathmines on 7.9
13/9/41 Embarked HMAS MANOORA to replace A2-1
17/9/41 Damaged in flying accident at Bowen. Aircraft dismantled and retained on board
1/10/41 Allocated RAAF Base Rathmines for repair
9/10/41 Allocated Qantas for repair
28/1/42 Arrived Rathmines ex Qantas
31/1/42 9 Sqn
5/3/42 Accident while approaching to land “At 1153 hours, Sgt T.F. Pickering was alighting on Lake Macquarie, NSW, when the aircraft nosed in and fell over on its back. Sgt Pickering was killed and AC1W.F. McConnell was seriously injured.” (RAAF Accident Report)
9/3/42 Assessed as beyond economical repair. Conversion to components approved)
A2-12 Seagull V 7/3/36 First flight
4/36 Shipped ex Supermarine to Malta
23/4/36 5 Sqn, embarked in HMAS AUSTRALIA at Valetta, Malta replacing A2-1
20/5/36 Engine stoppage in flight
2/6/36 Engine stoppage in flight
8/36 HMAS AUSTRALIA returned to Sydney (acft presumably disembarked)
16/9/36 Embarked HMAS AUSTRALIA
1/12/36 Disembarked to Richmond
22/1/37 Embarked HMAS AUSTRALIA
7/2/37(approx) Disembarked to Richmond
18/8/37 Embarked HMAS AUSTRALIA
2/10/37 Hull damaged by leg of trolley hoist
18/10/37 Disembarked to Richmond
25/3/38 2 AD Richmond for overhaul
15/9/39 9 Sqn
1/10/39 11 Sqn Port Moresby Arrived 11 Sqn 7/10/39
15/7/40 Departed Port Moresby for 9 Sqn Rathmines
20/7/40 Arrived at Rathmines
22/7/40 9 Sqn
5/8/40 Replaced A2-3 on board HMAS MANOORA
24/9/40 Starboard wing struck water. Landed RAAF Pearce, WA, for repair
10/40 L2319 ferried Richmond to Pearce 2.10 and ferry crew returned with A2-12 for STF - arrival date not known
9/12/40 STF
21/1/41 Crash at Rathmines
7/4/41 2 AD Richmond for overhaul
1/11/41 Departed 2 AD for Rathmines
2/11/41 STF
6/1/42 Damaged when the fuel cap came off during take off and fuel splashed on the engine and the aircraft caught fire. It landed and was towed ashore. All four mainplanes, tailplane and rudder burnt
10/1/42 9 Sqn
17/1/42 STF
31/1/42 9 Sqn
6/4/42 Departed Rathmines for Rose Bay for HMNZS ACHILLES
13/4/42 Issued to HMNZS ACHILLES
12/7/42 Disembarked
1/8/42 Received Melbourne from New Zealand - allocated Point Cook for inspection
7/8/42 1 AD
21/9/42 9 Sqn
13/10/42 Rathmines Workshops for repair
4/43 With 2 FBRD
30/9/43 Being scrapped at 2 FBRD
12/10/43 Assessed as beyond economical repair. Approved for conversion to components

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A2-13 Seagull V 4/9/36 First flight
18/12/36 Received 2 AD Richmond from overseas via Sydney docks
/36 Reported not up to standard of earlier aircraft when erected
17/3/37 5 Sqn
18/3/37 Erected and test flown by Flt Lt Alexander
22/7/37 To Nowra to tow sleeve targets for the Fleet
23/12/38 9 Sqn
1/39 5 Sqn became 9 Sqn
24/3/39 To Western Junction, Tasmania for exercises until 6.4
27/5/39 To Port Moresby for survey work replacing A2-20
3/7/39 Returned to Richmond
15/11/39 2 AD Richmond for overhaul
2/10/40 QANTAS, Rose Bay, NSW, to complete overhaul
6/1/41 9 Sqn
16/1/41 Embarked HMAS WESTRALIA
15/4/41 Engaged in raider searches off Ocean I
15/5/41 Transferred to HMAS MANOORA for further searches with A2-5
19/5/41 Approx date of return to HMAS WESTRALIA
12/8/41 and 14.8.41 Searches off Ocean I and Nauru
15/9/41 Disembarked to Rathmines
17/9/41 Aircraft hull damaged by fire in acft bilges at Rathmines
20/9/41 9 Sqn
25/10/41 STF Point Cook, Vic
10/1/42 9 Sqn
17/1/42 STF
22/1/42 Embarked HMAS WESTRALIA
9/2/42 Acft flew to Rathmines, returned to Rose Bay 13.2 and re-embarked 18.2
18/3/42 Carried out A/S patrol while HMAS WESTRALIA was landing troops on Efate I in the New Hebrides
21/3/42 Flight Suva-Nadi-Suva
25/3/42 Damaged by bullet - Temporarily repaired on board
15/4/42 Disembarked to Rathmines
21/4/42 9 Sqn
12/6/42 Damaged when brakes failed and aircraft ran over the edge of the slipway
22/6/42 QANTAS, Rose Bay for overhaul
2/2/43 SHQ Rathmines
10/2/43 9 Sqn, Bowen (Coded YQ-B)
1/4/43 Aircraft damaged “At 1225 hours, Plt Off R.G. Bonython of 9 Sqn based at Bowen, Qld, had just taken off when at approx 150 feet the engine lost power. The pilot swung left and landed in a small paddock three-quarters of a mile from the aerodrome. Long grass obscured potholes and the port oleo tore from its fitting, causing the aircraft to ground loop.Aircraft beyond economical repair. (RAAF Accident Report)
2/4/43 12 RSU
24/9/43 QANTAS, Rose Bay, NSW, for repair
18/12/43 Assessed as beyond economical repair. Condition deteriorated due to exposure since damaged
20/12/43 2 FBRD for conversion to components

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A2-14 Seagull V 1/10/36 First flight
21/1/37 Received 2 AD Richmond from overseas via Sydney Docks
1/37 Reported not up to standard of earlier aircraft when erected. Bilge pump found full of water and connections badly corroded
1/37 5 Sqn
16/7/37 Wingtip struck buoy in Farm Cove, Sydney
9/8/37 Embarked HMAS ALBATROSS for operating trials
12/8/37 Disembarked to Richmond
5/11/37 On board HMAS ALBATROSS for trials of a handling chassis
24/2/38 Engine cut on take-off at Richmond. Acft force landed on Richmond Golf Course
23/12/38 9 Sqn
1/1/39 5 Sqn became 9 Sqn
10/7/39 Embarked HMAS SYDNEY
14/7/39 2 AD Richmond for overhaul - distorted hull
6/3/40 2 AD Richmond in storage
27/3/40 Arrived STF from 2AD
8/4/40 STF (Coded '14')
10/40 Damaged
7/11/40 2 AD Richmond for repair
25/11/40 Transferred to 2 AD ARS for overhaul
3/7/41 Departed 2 AD for Rathmines
5/7/41 STF Point Cook
15/9/41 Embarked HMAS WESTRALIA replacing A2-13
26/10/41 Accident
2/12/41 Forced landing
11-14/12/41 Covered landing of Australian troops at Kupang (Koepang) Bay, Timor (1 bomb dropped 12.12)
12/1/42 Disembarked to Rathmines (Replaced by A2-13 from 23.1.42)
31/1/42 9 Sqn
15/4/42 Embarked HMAS WESTRALIA
18/5/42 Disembarked to Rathmines
26/5/42 9 Sqn
3/7/42 Embarked HMAS MANOORA ex Rathmines
14/8/42 To HMAS WESTRALIA in exchange for Walrus P5664
19/8/42 Survey of Port Stephens
26/8/42 Disembarked to Rose Bay and replaced by L2293 27.8
30/8/42 9 Sqn
9/42 Damaged in gale
21/9/42 Disembarked to Rathmines (Apparently from HMAS WESTRALIA)
22/9/42 2 AD Richmond for repair
25/10/42 QANTAS, Rose Bay, NSW, to complete repairs
19/8/43 2 FBRD
19/10/43 9 Sqn
19/10/43 Damaged in belly landing during delivery flight
22/10/43 Arrived 2 FBRD for repair - repaired and returned to Rathmines
8/11/43 2 FBRD for general repairs and overhaul
30/3/44 3 OTU Rathmines to await serviceable engine
7/6/44 Planing surfaces buckled and airframe damaged while landing [NOTE: This appears to be the result of the survey after the accident on 19.10.43]
15/6/44 QANTAS Rose Bay for repair
/44 3 OTU Rathmines
/45 Damaged
/45 Qantas Rose Bay for repair (Deduction from next entry)
/45 Work to be discontinued and acft to be allocated to 2 CRD for survey reports with a view to conversion to components
30/9/45 2 CRD for survey
22/3/46 Storage Cat D
14/8/46 Airframe offered by CDC for sale by tender by 6/9/46. Aircraft with 2 CRD, RAAF Richmond, NSW, reported as 'components reconditioned - good'. Total hours 1123.45
20/8/46 2AD for storage
28/5/47 Authorised by CDC for write off
2/7/48 Issued DAP Botany ex 2 AD
6/9/49 Action completed

Seagull Mk.V A2-14

A2-15 Seagull V 7/10/36 First flight
16/12/36 Arrived 2 AD from Sydney Docks
18/12/36 Aircraft found not up to standard of earlier aircraft when erected. Riveting considered very rough
1/37 5 Sqn
4/5/37 Erected (OW)
6/37 Port lower mainplane fabric, ribs, stringers and leading edge plywood found defective and considered damaged by ingress of water during passage from UK. Wings were incompletely impregnated with red dope undercoat and had been stored on their leading edges with water inside
28/11/38 Struck wires and caught fire near Archerfield, Qld. “The aircraft of No 5 Squadron was stationed temporarily at Archerfield. On the morning of 28.11.38, the pilot, FlgOff M.J. Wiber called on the Commissioner of Police and stated that he intended to carry out a flight on this day and suggested that he take a Police Officer with him for the purpose of searching for a missing woman. Constable Young of the Water Police was detailed to accompany the aircraft. The aircraft left Archerfield at about 12.10 pm and proceeded to the vicinity of Alberton Ferry. It was seen soon afterwards following the course of the Albert River upstream. At 12.22 pm it collided with a span of high tension wires which cross the river near the Ferry. The time was established by the stopping of electric clocks in the area. The high tension wires are at a height of 50 ft above the water, held by towers 90 ft high on either side. After striking the wires, the aircraft appeared to fly normally for about 200 yards then veered sharply to the left and crashed into the south bank of the river, bursting into flames on impact. The aircraft was completely destroyed and all occupants (Flg Off M.J. Wiber, Aircraftsmen E.A. Everett and A.D. Milner and Const G.R. Young) were killed. Examination of the wreckage disclosed a length of half-inch wire firmly caught beneath one of the valve rocker arms of the engine.” (AAIC Report)
24/7/39 Approved for write off (R)
A2-16 Seagull V 14/11/36 First flight
4/2/37 Received 2 AD Richmond from overseas
6/10/37 5 Sqn
16/5/38 Heavy Landing
19/5/38 2 AD Richmond for repair
13/7/38 Embarked HMAS CANBERRA
2/8/38 5 Sqn
10/10/38 Oil pressure failed, Jervis Bay
1/12/38 Disembarked to Richmond
1/1/39 5 Sqn became 9 Sqn
/39 Embarked HMAS SYDNEY
28/7/39 9 Sqn ex HMAS SYDNEY
16/2/40 Forced landing in Sydney area after engine failure while target towing - no damage
3/4/40 Forced landing in Lake Tuggerah NSW - short of fuel no damage
21/6/40 Forced landing 8 miles N of Wangaratta, Vic, after engine trouble - no damage
30/6/40 Forced landing 4 miles east of Lockhart, NSW, due to fog and supposed jammed rudder- extensively damaged, no injuries.
16/7/40 2 AD Richmond for repair
/40 Qantas, Rose Bay, NSW to complete repair
10/12/41 9 Sqn Rathmines
11/12/41 Embarked HMAS PERTH replacing L2319
19/12/41 Accident in HMAS PERTH (A)
23.12.41 Flown to Rathmines by HMAS PERTH Flight 'to collect our aircraft" [Presumably L2319]
[NOTE. The changeover of aircraft between HMAS CANBERRA, HMAS PERTH and Rathmines in Dec 42., which involved A2-16, A2-22, L2293 and L2319, is confused in the records and the above appears to be the best interpretation of the activities of A2-16]
25/12/41 Embarked HMAS CANBERRA [Apparently with A2-22]
19/1/42 Employed on A/S Patrols and reconnaissance flights as far afield as the Sunda Strait until 6.2
20/2/42 Disembarked to Rose Bay while HMAS CANBERRA in dry dock
7/5/42 To Rathmines
18/5/42 9 Sqn
22/5/42 On landing at Rathmines during the pilot's first night solo, the aircraft appeared to swing violently then capsized. Observer was killed and the pilot injured. Aircraft was damaged beyond repair
5/42 Delivered to Engineering School, Ascot Vale, Vic for training purposes
30/6/42 Converted to components (R)

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A2-17 Seagull V 17/11/36 First flight
6/2/37 Arrived 2 AD from Sydney Docks
6/10/37 5 Sqn
25/11/37 Airscrew and fabric damaged by oil drip tray
7/9/38 Wingtip struck side of HMAS CANBERRA
/9/38 Disembarked to Richmond (by 21.9 )
24/11/38 Hull buckled on crash to ground
1/1/39 5 Sqn became 9 Sqn
2/2/39 2 AD Richmond for repair
23/2/39 9 Sqn
18/11/39 Departed for Darwin arriving 22.11
9/1/40 12 Sqn
3/3/40 Hole in lower mainplane
14/3/40 Forced landing 30 miles from Brunette Downs, short of fuel - no damage
15/3/40 Returned to Richmond
28/3/40 9 Sqn
10/4/40 2 AD
8/5/40 At Qantas
27/9/40 Test flown by HMAS PERTH Flight ex Qantas then moored in Farm Cove
28/9/40 Flown to Rose Bay for adjustments then embarked HMAS PERTH
6/10/40 HMAS PERTH
11/1/41 Machine gunned while on aerodrome at Candia, Crete. Bullets pierced rear spar and punctured petrol tank.
12/1/41 Walrus L2243 from HMS AJAX collided with and further damaged mainplanes while landing Candia.
13/1/41 Embarked in HMS AJAX in exchange for Walrus L2243 and taken to Alexandria [Dekheila] for repair.
7/4/41 HMAS PERTH [NOTE: This was the date that L2243 was returned to the RN FAA]
28/4/41 Shot down by enemy aircraft near Suda Bay during the evacuation of Crete and lost. "On 28th of April, the Walrus (sic) when on dawn patrol was shot down by two Dorniers after a spirited fight which lasted 20 minutes. The crew. Flt Lt Beaumont, Sub Lt Brian and PO Tel Dan Bowden succeeded in getting into a rubber dinghy and after many hours were picked up by HMS HAVOC. "....then our starboard petrol tank caught fire and it was not long after that we crashed into the water"' (HMAS Perth’ by Alan Payne)
A2-18 Seagull V 7/12/36 First flight
6/3/37 Arrived 2 AD from Sydney Docks
6/10/37 5 Sqn
16/11/38 Forced landing - engine failure
17/11/38 Forced landing at Saratoga [nr Gosford] NSW after engine failure. Repaired and flown back to Richmond
1/1/39 5 Sqn became 9 Sqn
1/3/39 Flown to Hobart in support of A2-7 which had been damaged in HMAS HOBART
28/7/39 HMAS SYDNEY as replacement for A2-16
By 8/4/40 Aircraft had been landed at Pearce WA
5/4/40 9 Sqn
11/7/40 Embarked HMAS PERTH
30/7/40 Disembarked to Rathmines
1/8/40 2 AD Richmond for overhaul
5/8/40 At Qantas
6/8/40 Embarked HMAS PERTH
23/9/40 Wings and tailplane damaged when 4 inch guns were fired on a forward bearing during Admiral's Inspection
25/9/40 Taxied to Qantas, Rose Bay
2/10/40 2 AD
11/12/40 Repair and overhaul complete, departed 2 AD for Rathmines
13/12/40 Arrived STF from 2 AD
31/12/40 Allocated to HMAS WESTRALIA but did not embark as acft was re-allocated to HMAS HOBART in exchange for A2-13
2/1/41 Departed STF for 9 Sqn
20/1/41 Embarked HMAS HOBART in Sydney
24/3/41 Disembarked to Rose Bay until 27.3 while HMAS HOBART was in dry dock
6/4/41 Recovered two crew from A2-24 which had crashed from HMAS AUSTRALIA
9/4/41 Transferred from HMAS HOBART to HMAS AUSTRALIA
9/9/41 Damaged in heavy landing. 'AUSTRALIA left Durban on the 2nd September on escort duties and returned on the 7th. Next day the ship sailed for Aden with a convoy consisting of the troopships MAURETANIA and NIEUW AMSTERDAM. The Walrus aircraft was catapulted on the 9th to carry out a patrol and on landing in a swell was damaged, the hull being twisted and some frames buckled' (‘HMAS Australia’ by M.A. Payne)
24/12/41 Category 'G' at Aden for repair
/42 Transferred to RNAS Puttalam (Bangalore, India) (S#
27/8/42 Test flown at Puttalam and delivered to RNAS Coimbatore [RN Aircraft Maintenance Yard in southern India]
9/43 Reported still at Coimbatore until at least 1.44

Seagull A2-18 Sydney 1940

A2-19 Seagull V 16/12/36 First flight
6/3/37 Arrived 2 AD from Sydney Docks
22/3/38 FTS Point Cook
10/6/38 2 AD
14/6/38 5 Sqn
6/7/38 Embarked HMAS ALBATROSS
7/7/38 Disembarked to Richmond
2/12/38 To Rockhampton, Qld to help A2-22 with the photo survey of North Qld
7/12/38 Forced landing at Rockhampton, Qld
16/12/38 Returned to Richmond
1/1/39 5 Sqn became 9 Sqn
/40 Coded 'J'
8/41 Damaged
13/9/41 RAAF Rathmines, for repair
13/1/42 SHQ Rathmines
/2/42 9 Sqn
8/2/42 Port float damaged by cross swell when taking off in heavy swell
26/2/42 Departed Rathmines for Sydney to be embarked in HMNZS MONOWAI for passage to join HMAS AUSTRALIA
8/3/42 Damaged taking off in heavy swell
23/3/42 Shipped Noumea to Brisbane in HMS ATHENE. Dismantled at Archerfield and sent by rail to Awaba, NSW
3/5/42 Qantas, Rose Bay, (ex-Rathmines) to complete repair
30/12/42 9 Sqn storage
9/1/43 Approved for use by 9 Sqn
12-13/1/43 9 Sqn moved to Bowen, Qld
25/1/43 Loaned to 5 CF in exchange for X9515 which had gone u/s at Bowen. Returned to Bowen 26.1
15/3/43 Departed Bowen for Papua New Guinea for 1 RCS
11/4/43 1 RCS
15/4/43 Detached to Dobodura, Papua New Guinea
23/5/43 Arrived Berry Strip, Port Moresby from Dobodura for repair of damage sustained in take-off from Douglas Harbour
17/6/43 Berry Strip to Kerema
12/7/43 Rescued 3 survivors from crashed B-17
12/9/43 Missing
'On 9th September, A2-19 arrived at Byproduct [code name for Kiriwina] from Goodenough Island with Plt Off R.G. Bonython. On the 11th at approx 0400 hours, Bonython, with FlgOff R.A. Kelley of No 30 Sqn as navigator, set out to search for the missing Beaufighter A19-132, believed shot down by enemy fighters. At approx 0400 [?] hours, Byproduct signalled A2-19 to return, as weather had closed in. No reply was received from A2-19. (File on missing aircraft, RAAF Historical Canberra)
24/11/43 Approved for write-off)
A2-20 Seagull V 8/1/37 First flight
31/3/37 Arrived 2 AD from SS WYNDHAM and Sydney Docks
1/4/38 5 Sqn
1/6/38 Damaged in tail first touch-down
22/6/38 2 AD Richmond for repair
1/11/38 5 Sqn
1/1/39 5 Sqn became 9 Sqn
14/3/39 Forced landing Coffin Bay, SA
9/5/39 To Rockhampton for Connors Range and Port Moresby surveys
23/5/39 Blown from moorings onto beach at Port Moresby, PNG - badly damaged (R) (Date also reported as 25.3)
8/6/39 Embarked in SS MACDHUIfor Sydney for repair
14/6/39 Arrived back at 9 Sqn
16/6/39 At 2 AD Richmond for repair
/39 Approval given for conversion to components but hull to be preserved for instructional purposes
5/10/39 Engine converted to components
20/9/40 Instructional hull received by QANTAS for repair and holding as spare hull
19/12/41 Work suspended. Labour being employed on priority work.
4/3/42 Reported to be 65% complete
26/10/42 Possibly issued from Qantas but not confirmed
/46 QANTAS holding as spare hull
[NOTE: It is possible that this spare hull was used to replace the wooden hull of Walrus II HD874 prior to that aircraft proceeding to Antarctica in Dec 47

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A2-21 Seagull V 10/1/37 First flight
29/4/37 Arrived 2 AD from SS PORT HUON via Sydney Docks
1/4/38 5 Sqn
20/5/38 Landed ashore with wheels up - repaired in unit
5/7/38 Engine cut out during photographic flight but restarted and flight continued
1/1/39 5 Sqn became 9 Sqn
23/2/39 Swung on landing
14/7/39 Embarked HMAS HOBART
3/10/39 Disembarked to Richmond with faulty engine
23/11/39 To 9 Sqn reserve in place of A2-22
18/12/39 Ferried to RAAF Pearce
11/4/40 HMAS SYDNEY ex RAAF Pearce
21/6/40 Was spotting for the fleet guns during the bombardment of Bardia, when it was attacked by RAF fighters who believed the amphibian to be Italian. The Seagull crew believed the fighters to be Italians! "With our slow speed we had no chance to maneuver. Anyhow, the first burst from the Italians had shot away our aileron controls. Bursts from the second plane, right on our tail, riddled the rudder and the after section of the hull until it looked like sieve. Most of the tailplane struts were shot away. And we could see a line of bullet holes sawing off the port lower main plane. It seemed dollars to doughnuts that the old Seagull would be blown to pieces within a few seconds....... We were dead meat actually but they didn't seem to like our bullets. Or perhaps they thought we were done anyway.' Flt Lt Thomas McB Price managed to land the badly damaged aircraft at Mersa Matruh, where it broke up on landing. (‘HMAS Sydney’ by Vice-Admiral Sir John Collins)
/40 Salvaged by 102 MU, RN FAA
20/2/41 Engine still held at 102 MU

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A2-22 Seagull V 1/2/37 First flight
21/5/37 Arrived 2 AD ex Sydney Docks
11/4/38 5 Sqn
10/5/38 To Thursday Island for photo survey of Northern Australia
1/12/38 Damaged in storm at Rockhampton, Qld
21/12/38 Returned to Richmond
1/1/39 5 Sqn became 9 Sqn
8/9/39 Departed for RAAF Pearce ex 9 Sqn reserve to be held as reserve for RAN ships in Western Australian waters
23/11/39 9 Sqn ex reserve
8/4/40 Disembarked to Pearce to relieve A2-18
10/4/40 Forced landing at Rawlins, WA. Acft repaired and continued flight 19.4
14/6/40 Departed Pearce for Rathmines
17/6/40 Arrived Richmond and had an engine change
18/6/40 Arrived Rathmines
26/8/40 Left Rathmines to embark in HMAS CANBERRA but returned to Rathmines and actually embarked 27.8
/40 Took part in search for German Raider PINGUIN in the Indian Ocean
18/12/40 Starboard float hit ground on landing Laverton, Vic causing ground loop
19/12/40 1 AD Laverton for repair
8/2/41 Arrived Rathmines ex 1 AD
3/3/41 9 Sqn
22/3/41 Departed Rathmines for Richmond
24/3/41 2 AD Richmond for overhaul
26/11/41 Arrived Rathmines from 2AD
29/11/41 9 Sqn
29/11/41 Oleo damaged when aircraft struck slipway
20/12/41 Tipped onto port float while compass swinging during storm at Rathmines
21/12/41 Departed Rathmines for Brisbane to replace L2293 in HMAS CANBERRA. As L2293 had been repaired, A2-22 was embarked in addition to L2293 for return to Rathmines. Hull damaged by catapult leg while embarking
[Note. The changeover of aircraft between HMAS CANBERRA, HMAS PERTH and Rathmines during these few days, which involved A2-16, A2-22, L2293 and L2319, is confused in the records and the above appears to be the best interpretation of the activities of A2-22]
25/12/41 Additional Detachment embarked HMAS CANBERRA
[Note: From later entries this detachment must have been equipped with A2-22. There is no evidence in the ORBs that the aircraft itself ever actually disembarked to Rathmines]
27/12/41 HMAS CANBERRA [apparently with A2-16]
2/1/42 First recorded flight from HMAS CANBERRA
20/2/42 Disembarked to Rose Bay while HMAS CANBERRA was in dry dock
21/2/42 To Rathmines
2/3/42 RAAF Rathmines
13/4/42 9 Sqn
1/7/42 Bow damaged by motor boat
15/7/42 Port wing damaged by Dept of the Interior truck
12/1/43 RAAF Rathmines
28/1/43 9 Sqn
14/2/43 3 OTU, Rathmines
21/2/43 "At 1130 hours, Sqn Ldr S.G. Stilling attempted to land on the runway at Nowra in crosswind conditions, resulting in a ground loop. The aircraft tipped onto the port float, forcing it into the port lower mail plane. The wind strength at the time was about 20 knots and gusty."
8/5/44 QANTAS, Rose Bay, NSW, for repair
20/11/44 Approval given for conversion to components
23/1/45 2 CRD for conversion

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A2-23 Seagull V 17/7/37 Arrived 2 AD ex Sydney Docks
3/10/39 Embarked HMAS HOBART in exchange for A2-21
12.10.39 HMAS HOBART
31/10/39 Crashed after catapult launch "Two days later, HMAS HOBART left Singapore to patrol the west coast of Sumatra and the Sunda Strait. HOBART's aircraft was used extensively for reconnaissance work and on the 1st November, the Walrus (sic) was catapulted for night landing practice. Due to the darkness and inexperience of all parties the Walrus crashed into the sea and the damaged aircraft was recovered with the greatest difficulty. Next day HOBART returned to Singapore. While in port, a replacement aircraft was provided from the RAF base. [This was Walrus L2171] (“HMAS Hobart” by L.J. Lind & M.A. Payne)
8/5/40 Now lying at Seletar (Singapore)
Converted to components
A2-24 Seagull V 28/4/37 First flight
17/7/37 Arrived 2 AD from Sydney Docks
30/9/38 5 Sqn for erection
14/10/38 2 AD store
20/9/39 9 Sqn
8/40 During Norwegian Campaign, foiled by low cloud in attempt to bomb Tromso, Norway
24/8/40 Landed at Saunders Roe Ltd, UK for overhaul
[NOTE: Suspect aircraft may actually have been landed 13.8.40 when L2247 was allocated as replacement. HMAS AUSTRALIA was off Bear Island in the Barents Sea by 26.8.40]
6/4/41 Crashed after catapult launch "HMAS AUSTRALIA, together with HMAS HOBART, sailed for Wellington, NZ, on April 4th. Before their arrival on the 6th, the aircraft was catapulted but failed to rise and crashed into the sea. The aircraft from HMAS HOBART was in the vicinity and rescued two survivors, but the body of the pilot, Lt J.J. Hoath, RN, was not recovered. Aircraft was operated by 9 Sqn at the time of the crash." (RAAF Crash Report) (Note: Cause was later stated to be catapult failure)

6/9/41 Approved for write off

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Supermarine Walrus I & II

Aircraft Serial Aircraft.Type. Aircraft History
K8542 Walrus I RAF History
30/12/36 Delivered to School of Naval Cooperation
6/1/37 Packing Depot
RN History
1/3/37 718 Sqn HMS EXETER
RAAF History
26/6/40 On loan from RN FAA to replace A2-21 in HMAS SYDNEY after damage at Mersa Matruh
4/9/40 Spotted for bombardment of MakriYalo airfield, Scarpanto, Crete
9/40 Damaged at Mersa Matruh, surveyed and condemned (Note: HMAS SYDNEY went into dry dock in Alexandria 8.9.40 for work on the propeller shaft bearings and did not sail again until 24.9. Presumably the acft was disembarked to RNAS Aboukir and was carrying out the above flight while disembarked)
23/9/40 Returned to RN FAA - 103 MU, Aboukir. Replaced by L2177
(No further RN History recorded)
L2171 Walrus I RN History
/39 715 Flt, Singapore
RAAF History
4/11/39 Received HMAS HOBART from RN FAA in exchange for A2-23
21/11/39 Photographed Bombay, India until 28.11, to assist preparation of a photo-mosaic of the city
7/3/40 Port float damaged - repaired on board
19/3/40 Landed RNAS Ratmalana, Ceylon, to be camouflaged in accordance with Admiralty instructions
21/3/40 Re-embarked HMAS HOBART
6/6/40 Acft due for 120 hourly inspection and landed at RAF Khormaksar, Aden in exchange for L2321
[It appears from the Flight ORB that, contrary to a widely held belief, this aircraft did not actually carry out the raids on Italian colonies in Africa from HMAS HOBART. The raids were carried out by L2321]
23.11.40 Returned to RN FAA charge - replaced by L2321
RN History
2/41 Acft Depot Far East, Seletar, Singapore – completed 11/4/41
1/42 Khormaksar
9/42 – 10/42 788 Sqn, Mombasa
L2177 Walrus I RN History
711 Flt
16/8/38 Hatch not secured before landing, aircraft filled and sank, Kalafrana, Malta. Salvaged.
RAAF History
23/9/40 Received in HMAS SYDNEY from RN FAA ex 102 MU, Aboukir to replace K8542
11/40 Possibly loaned to 700 Sqn HMS GLASGOW Flight as reported serving with this ship in Crete
(Note: this was a time of crisis in the Med and allocations may have been very loose! HMAS SYDNEY was also involved in the Battle of Crete and did not leave the Mediterranean to return home until 11 January 1941)
21/2/41 Under repair QANTAS, Rose Bay
1/3/41 Re-embarked HMAS SYDNEY
4/4/41 Disembarked to Rose Bay until 8/4 while HMAS SYDNEY was in dry-dock
19/11/41 Lost when HMAS SYDNEY was sunk by the German raider KORMORAN, 150 miles south-west of Carnarvon, WA
23/1/42 Approved to strike off records
L2222 Walrus I RNZAF History
6/38 Erected at Hobsonville
6/38 720 Flt for HMS LEANDER of the RN’s New Zealand Squadron (Code ‘Z4’)
(Note: Although the aircraft was operated by RNZN/RNZAF personnel, 720 Flt was allocated to the RNZN cruiser flights under the RN FAA numbering system)
/38 Embarked HMS LEANDER for surveys of Pacific islands
24/11/38 Reconnaissance of Christmas Island (Pacific) flown but catapult cradle lost overboard HMS LEANDER on launch so subsequent operations confined to calm waters when aircraft could be lowered into the water by crane
21/1/40 720 Flt amalgamated with other cruiser flights to form 700 Sqn. Aircraft recoded P9A
5/4/42 Disembarked HMS LEANDER in Brisbane
RAAF History
8/4/42 Received RAAF Rathmines for 180 hour inspection and re-covering
13/4/42 9 Sqn
21/4/42 RAAF Rathmines Workshops for overhaul
5/6/42 9 Sqn
10/6/42 Re-allocated to RNZAF
RNZAF History
12/6/42 Flew from Rathmines to Garden Island Dockyard
16/6/42 Shipped to NZ in SS RIMUTAKA with W2707.
[Note: Both aircraft were being exchanged for A2-5 and A2-12 which were embarked in HMNZSACHILLES and LEANDER.(RD)

? Aircraft re-serialled NZ151
Rebuilt to taxying only standard coded “NZI 50
21/11/44 Seaplane Training Flight, Hobsonville
6/45 Woodbourne for storage
7/9/45 Returned to RN FAA with RN British Pacific Fleet
L2231 Walrus I RN History
/41 700 Sqn HMS KING GEORGE V Flight in 1941
6/41 751 Sqn, Arbroath/Dundee ('W9A') to at least 2/43
2/9/41 Accident (Lt T.J. Arthur)
RAAF History
19/1/44 Received 1 Transport and Movements Office, Sydney
7/2/44 QANTAS, Rose Bay, NSW for erection
17/4/44 2 FBRD
7/5/44 8 CU
18/5/44 Arrived 8 CU, Goodenough, PNG
17/6/44 Undercarriage collapsed landing at 'Mercantile' [Code name for Momote Strip, Admiralty Is]
30/6/44 12 RSU for repair
16/7/44 Approval requested to convert to components as not economically repairable and shipping difficulties prevent return to mainland.
4/8/44 Approved for conversion to components
L2243 Walrus I RN History
715 Flt
/41 700 Sqn HMS AJAX Flt
12/1/41 Collided with Seagull V A2-17 at Candia, Crete
RAAF History
12/1/41 Embarked HMAS Perth in exchange for damaged A2-17.
7/4/41 Returned to RN charge
RN History
30/12/43 Packing Depot
L2247 Walrus I RN History
D Flt, Ford
by 6/39 751 Sqn
8/8/40 Ferried by ATA ex Lee-on-Solent from Hooton Park to Prestwick
RAAF History
13/8/40 On loan from RN FAA - replaced A2-24 in HMAS AUSTRALIA
19/8/40 Embarked HMAS AUSTRALIA
25/8/40 Minor damage on board HMAS AUSTRALIA
26/8/40 Carried out recce of Tromso Harbour, Norway
25/9/40 Shot down by three Vichy French Curtiss 75A fighters while observing fall of shot for the RN/RAN bombardment of the French Fleet at Dakar, Senegal, "Operation Menace". Crew - Flt Lt G.K.I. Clarke, RAAF Lt Cdr Fogarty, RAN, PO Tel C.K. Burnett - all killed. (although 1 report says that 2 crew were seen to bale out astern of HMS BARHAM)

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L2293 Walrus I RN History
2/40 765 Sqn, Lee-on-Solent
8/4/40 764 Sqn, Lee-on-Solent
3/7/40 765 Sqn Lee-on-Solent/Sandbanks -6/41
7/41 700 Sqn HMS BARHAM Flt
/41 700 Sqn Dekheila
1/41 – 3/41 Pool Sqn Dekheila
/41 700 Sqn HMS BARHAM Flt
RAAF History
5/6/41 Supplied to HMAS PERTH ex HMS BARHAM (R)
12/8/41 Arrived Rathmines from WA
25/10/41 Embarked HMAS CANBERRA from Rose Bay in exchange for L2322
27/11/41 Disembarked to Rose Bay until 10.12
17/12/41 Damaged in heavy landing after engine failure
17/12/41 Aircraft damaged by grass line [sisal rope] on recovery after forced landing. Repaired on board
21/12/41 Aircraft flew to Brisbane, overnight stopped on the river and re-embarked 22.12
22/12/41 Ship arrived in Moreton Bay and aircraft recovered. PM aircraft again catapulted to pick up mail and on recovery, HMAS CANBERRA proceeded for Sydney. Seagull A2-22, Flying Officer Webber and crew had been sent from Rathmines to Brisbane to replace L2293. As the latter had been repaired, A2-22, Flying Officer Webber, LACs Smith and Bain were embarked for the return passage
[Note. In various documents there are different explanations of the changeover of aircraft between HMAS CANBERRA, HMAS PERTH and Rathmines on these two days, which involved A2-16, A2-22,L2293 and L2319. The above appears to be the best interpretation of the activities of L2293]
24/12/41 Disembarked to RAAF Rathmines for overhaul
2/1/42 2 AD
10/1/42 RAAF Rathmines
13/1/42 9 Sqn
21/1/42 Arrived 2 AD
9/2/42 QANTAS, Rose Bay, NSW, for overhaul
27/8/42 Test flight at Rose Bay then embarked HMAS WESTRALIA
21/9/42 9 Sqn Rathmines
24/11/42 Qantas, Rose Bay for overhaul
27/1/43 RAAF Rathmines
12/2/43 3 OTU
19/3/43 Arrived 6 CF Batchelor, NT from Rathmines
4/5/43 Last reported flight in 6 CF ORB; aircraft returned from ASR Duty at Darwin
10/6/43 At 4 RSU for dispatch to Qantas
8/7/43 Noted in 6 CF ORB as test flown at 4 RSU
15/6/44 QANTAS, Rose Bay, NSW
20/11/44 Approved for conversion to components
30/4/45 2 CRD for survey
31/5/45 Conversion completed

Walrus L2293
No.700 squadron Pool
March 1941
Photo via Bruce Constable

L2318 Walrus I RAF History
30/3/39 Manufactured
/40 Far East Communications Flt, Seletar, Singapore
/40 4 AACU Kallang
6/6/40 Aircraft Depot, Far East, Seletar
RAAF History
15/7/40 Shipped to Australia in SS MANGOLA.Total flying hours 104hrs 05mins
7/8/40 Received 2 AD Richmond
21/11/40 Assembly complete, test flown and placed in store
24/12/40 Departed 2 AD for Rathmines
25/12/40 HMAS CANBERRA replacing A2-22
30/12/40 RAAF Rathmines
6/1/41 9 Sqn
15/1/41 Extensively damaged by heavy seas, HMAS CANBERRA
/41 Landed Colombo for repair
27/12/41 Cat B at Colombo and Struck off charge
2AD (7.8.40),
L2319 Walrus I RAF History
12/4/39 Manufactured
/39 Far East Communications Flt
4/40 4 AACU Seleta, Kallang
7/6/40 Aircraft Depot, Far East, Seletar
15/7/40 Shipped to Australia in SS MANGOLA.Total flying hours 120hrs 20mins
RAAF History
8/8/40 Received 2 AD Richmond and placed in store
14/8/40 Transferred from store for assembly
28/9/40 HQ RAAF Pearce, WA for HMAS MANOORA vice A2-12
11/11/40 Forced landing at sea
22/12/40 9 Sqn
21/2/41 QANTAS, Rose Bay for repair and overhaul
17/10/41 Arrived 9 Sqn ex Qantas
[Believed error on acft record card as Unit Diary shows L2293 embarking HMAS CANBERRA on this date]
12/11/41 Catapult Trials HMAS PERTH
17/11/41 Embarked HMAS PERTH
17/12/41 Damaged
20/12/41 To Rathmines for repair
21/12/41 Embarked HMAS PERTH
23/1/42 Wing damaged while aircraft being hoisted out, HMAS PERTH
27.2.42 Sank with HMAS PERTH in the Battle of the Java Sea at Bantam Bay 27.2.42, NW of Java during the Battle of Java Sea, with F/O A.V."Jock" McDonough and crew of Five(inc Fitters). Sadly, destroyed by Shell fire when HMAS Perth was in contact with enemy troop convoy being covered by Imperial Japanese Fleet off Java. The Perth sank at 0015 Hrs 1/3/1942 4 kms off St Nicolas Point Nth West Java F/O McDonough and one crew survived as POW's.
16/4/42 Written off
L2321 Walrus I RN History
24/5/39 Received by RN FAA
By 6/40 at Khormaksar (Aden)
RAN History
6/6/40 Received in HMAS HOBART Aden, when L2171 landed for 120 hour inspection
19/6/40 "0504. Aircraft catapulted in position 15o33'N41o26'E in order to carry out bombing attack at Italian W/T Station at Centre Peak Island. Attack was carried out at 0604. Four 112 lb bombs were dropped on W/T huts, one being destroyed and the other damaged. Four 20lb bombs were dropped on a concrete pier but although direct hits were obtained, little damage was observed. Dive bombing was employed for each attack. On completion aircraft proceeded to Kamaran Island (Note: In the Red Sea off the Yemeni coast), fuelled and returned to Aden" (ORB RAAF Detachment HMAS HOBART). Pilot Flt Lt Thomas Davies.
20/6/40 A/S Patrol
22/6/40 Recce of the coast, Ras al Bir to The Brothers
23/6/40 Launched when submarine reported south of Perim I but recalled when its destruction was reported.
[Note: ORB entry for this date states that due to blast damage to the aircraft when HMAS HOBART fired at hostile aircraft, arrangements were made for the aircraft to be disembarked to the slipway at Obstruction Pier when the ship was in Aden and re-embarked when the ship sailed]
24-30/6/40 A/S Patrols
9/7/40 Disembarked to Berbera overnight
8/8/40 "0317. Three CR42fighters machine gunned Berbera aerodrome destroying 1 Gladiator and damaging another. 0345 It was thought that these aircraft would proceed to Zeilaand consequently the aircraft was catapulted with the intention of bombing them while engaged in refuelling. No aircraft were observed on the ground at Zeila and so two 112lbbombs were released from 800 feet falling 40 yards short of the Residency. The aircraft then made three circuits of the town at a height of 250 feet machine-gunning the Residency and ground machine-gun posts. Aircraft returned to HOBART at 0700." (ORB RAAF Detachment HMAS HOBART)
18/8/40 Recce of the plain around Berbera during British evacuation
22/8/40 Aircraft broke adrift in strong wind while tied down at Obstruction Pier, Aden, damaging port and starboard wingtips and starboard float. Towed to Khormaksar for repair
30/8/40 A/S patrol
5/9/40 Convoy attacked five times by Italian bombers. No hits but blast from HMAS HOBART'sH/A guns damaged the Walrus on the catapult. Damage included breakage 14 ribs in the mainplanes, 1 in the tailplane and all in the rudder.
7/9/40 Aircraft lightened and flown to RAF Khormaksar for repair. Both upper mainplanes and rudder renewed and broken ribs in tailplane and lower mainplanes replaced.
[ORB notes: Owing to damage from H/A guns, permission given by SNO [Senior Naval Officer] Red Sea for the aircraft to be landed when HMAS HOBART proceeded up the Red Sea]
28/9/40 Flights from Khormaksar until 6.10
12/10/40 Re-embarked HMAS HOBART
19/10/40 To Trincomalee [Ceylon] for 40 hourly inspection and crew rest
17/11/40 Re-embarked HMAS HOBART
23/11/40 (Note: RAAF records apparently caught up with the Hobart Flight activities on this date because this is the reported date on the acft record card of loan from RN FAA to HMAS HOBART)
24/11/40 Disembarked to Khormaksar for maintenance
12/12/40 Re-embarked HMAS HOBART
17/12/40 Carried out search for surface raider
28/12/40 Disembarked to RAAF Pearce for return to Colombo by HMAS CANBERRA
23/10/41 Returned to RN FAA
RN History
16/11/42 Tested RNAS Puttalam
9/2/43 Tested RNAS Puttalam
/43-/44 RNAS Gan (Addu Atoll)
L2322 Walrus I RN History
/40 RNAS Ratmalana (Ceylon/Sri Lanka)
RAAF History
18/11/40 Embarked HMAS WESTRALIA at Trincomalee, Ceylon on loan from RN.
3/12/40 Damaged taking off in heavy swell
12/40 Landed Colombo for repair replaced by A2-11
2/9/41 Struck side of ship during recovery
3/9/41 "Aircraft damaged on recovery after 8 inch shoot off Fremantle. Port upper and lower mainplanes damaged and hull holed. Aircraft repaired with help from RAAF Pearce"
8/9/41 Re-embarked HMAS CANBERRA after repair at RAAF Pearce
15/9/41 Flew photo-mosaic of Trincomalee; unsuccessfuldue to faulty film
16/10/41 Aircraft was spread on the catapult during sub-calibre firings. 15 mainplane ribs broken by 4 inch gun blast
25/10/41 Aircraft taxied to Rose Bay and exchanged for L2293
5/11/41 QANTAS, Rose Bay for overhaul
RNZAF History
5/4/42 Departed Rathmines for Brisbane to embark in HMS LEANDER on loan to 700 Sqn RN FAA
17/5/42 Front spools did not disengage when hoisting out from HMS LEANDER at Port Vila. Slings parted and aircraft fell. Pilot Sub Lt A.B.R. Watts (RD)
5/42 Transferred to Suva aboard SS Arthur Middleton then to NZ for repairs.
24/9/42 Shipped back to Australia
RAAF History
Acft remained in Brisbane and eventually replaced in HMS LEANDER by A2-5
12/10/42 QANTAS, Rose Bay
17/3/43 RAAF Rathmines
28/3/43 Arrived 9 Sqn, Bowen
16/4/43 Aircraft damaged when it overshot and ran through the fence during a night landing at Bowen aerodrome
17/5/43 QANTAS, Rose Bay for repair
8/8/44 2 FBRD
11/8/44 Departed Rathmines for 8 CU
12/8/44 8 CU
15/8/44 9 Sqn [exchanged with 8 CU for X9559 ]
17/8/44 Departed Bowen for Papua New Guinea to be attached to HMAS WARREGO for SAR duties replacing HD860
20/11/44 Departed HMAS WARREGO/GASCOYNE Detachment in Papua New Guinea for Bowen. Arrived 23.11
3/12/44 Departed Bowen for Rathmines with HD812 - arrived 4.12
4/12/44 3 OTU, Rathmines
22/2/45 Damaged in forced landing on Lake Wamberal, Tuggerah, NSW after engine failure
11/6/45 2 FBRD
23.6.45 Departed 2 FBRD for Schofields for return to RN FAA
L2327 Walrus I [Note: There is no Record Card for this aircraft in the RAAF Historical Section but from other records it appears that it did serve with the RAAF and was the aircraft that crashed into HMAS AUSTRALIA on 19.2.42 with the loss of Flying Officer Rowan. No other RAAF Seagull V or Walrus is reported lost on that date.]
RN History
24/5/39 Delivered to RN FAA
RAAF History
/42 Embarked HMAS CANBERRA
2/1/42 (Note: The first ORB sheet for 9 Sqn HMAS AUSTRALIA Flight starts on this date. There is no original note of the identity of the aircraft concerned but a pencilled notation states "L2327" )
19/2/42 'Midshipman Smyth recorded the fate of AUSTRALIA's aircraft "Shortly before noon, and after circling until we were ready to pick him up, the Walrus came down to land on the 'slick'. Owing to some as yet unknown cause, he came in too close to the ship and crashed into the ship's port quarter just above the water line, breaking up and bursting into flames immediately.The second whaler as crash boat was immediately lowered and the first whaler was also sent away as a lifeboat. A motor surf boat from CHICAGO reached the spot where the aircraft had sunk first and succeeded in saving the observer, Sub Lt Jackson, and the air gunner. Flying Officer E.J. Rowan RAAF, the pilot, was not seen. While the boats were away, an air alarm was received and the ship went to 'Repeal Aircraft' stations. Both whalers were hoisted at 1220, the two survivors having been transferred from CHICAGO's boat. Fortunately no enemy aircraft were sighted." The accident happened in the South Pacific near the Santa Cruz Islands [Solomon Islands] (“HMAS AUSTRALIA” by M.A. Payne)
27/2/42 9 Sqn ORB reports that L2327 had struck the side of HMAS AUSTRALIA and Fg Off Rowan had been killed.
26/3/43 "...investigation by the Rear Admiral Commanding the ANZAC Squadron into the loss of Walrus aircraft no L2327 and its pilot on 19 February 1942, indicates that the pilot was rendered unconscious when the aircraft struck the water due to the waist safety belt allowing his head to strike the instrument panel and so prevent his escape before the aircraft sank." (RAAF Minute)
P5664 Walrus I RN History
21/12/39 First flight
2/1/40 Lee-on-Solent Storage Section
28/3/40 To Donibristle for storage but crashed on landing RAF Sealand during ferry flight (Sub Lt J.W.S. Corbett, P.OW.F. Bray unhurt)
By 8/41 RNARY Donibristle
12/8/41 Lee-on-Solent
RAAF History
1/5/42 Received QANTAS, Rose Bay, NSW, ex RN FAA, UK, for erection
21/5/42 Test flown at Rose Bay by HMAS WESTRALIA Flight then flown to Rathmines
25/5/42 9 Sqn
26/5/42 Allocated to HMAS MANOORA
28/5/42 Embarked HMAS WESTRALIA (Note: Reported in another aircrew log as 1/6/42)
14/8/42 Received HMAS MANOORA from HMAS WESTRALIA in exchange for A2-14
16/10/42 To 9 Sqn Rathmines
12-13/1/43 9 Sqn moved to Bowen. (Acft coded YQ-E)
30/4/43 Damaged in rough water take off
2/5/43 Damaged
6/5/43 Departed for Qantas Rose Bay for repair (RD)
21/6/44 2 FBRD
25/6/44 Engine stopped on landing RAAF Richmond, NSW and aircraft ground looped causing minor damage
7/44 Still on the books at 2 FBRD
29/7/44 8 CU, Goodenough I, Papua New Guinea
19/8/44 12 RSU for tank repair
4/9/44 8 CU
26/9/44 Crashed on landing RAAF Richmond
10/4/45 Force landed on Ramu River, Papua New Guinea with engine trouble. Taxied up the Ramu through areas of known enemy activity to Anneburg. With spares and engineers flown into Lake Vrabuby Catalina on 11/4, aircraft was repaired and returned to Madang 12/4.
? 2 FBRD for repair
25/6/45 1 FBMU for overhaul
12/12/45 At 2 FBRD
6/1/46 2 FBRD for storage
14/8/46 Offered by CDC for sale by tender by 6.9.46. Aircraft with Maintenance Sqn, RAAF Rathmines, NSW requiring check inspection before flight.Total hours 684.45
28/5/47 Authorised for write off
Later History
22/8/47 Sold by CDC to E. McIlree, Sydney for 175
21/11/47 Issued to purchaser
22/6/49 Registered as VH-BLD
1/4/51 Arrived Papua New Guinea for operation by Amphibious Airways [which was owned by McIlree]
/51 Returned to Sydney
12/51 C of A cancelled
16/6/54 Registration cancelled at owner's request - withdrawn from service. This and McIlrees other Seagull and Walrus aircraft were eventually burned to save hangar space (possibly at Camden) and the remains sold to P Gibbes who was restoring A2-4
P5715 Walrus I RN History
19/4/40 First flight
29/4/40 Delivered RNAS Lee-on-Solent for storage
19/6/40 Test flown
19/9/41 Transferred from Saunders Roe ltd to lee-on-Solent
RAAF History
1/5/42 Arrived Qantas, Rose Bay, NSW, ex RN FAA, UK, for erection
5/6/42 RAAF Rathmines
9/6/42 9 Sqn
11/6/42 Departed Rathmines for Amberley for HMAS CANBERRA
15/6/42 Embarked HMAS CANBERRA off Brisbane via RAAF Amberley, Qld
9/8/42 Damaged by Japanese gunfire in Battle of Savo, Solomon Islands and sunk with HMAS CANBERRA by USS ELLETTas beyond salvage
12/9/42 Struck off charge (R)
W2679 Walrus I Reported as issued to 9 Sqn 10/42 but this aircraft never left the RN FAA and crashed at Lee-on-Solent on 20/8/42 killing all on board.
W2705 Walrus I RN History
8/3/41 Completed
13/3/41 Blown over by gale after landing Squires Gate (Sub Lt J.H. Stenning)
3 – 7/41 Donibristle
,RAAF History
15/5/42 At QANTAS, Rose Bay, NSW, ex RN FAA, UK for erection
6/8/42 9 Sqn
14/8/42 Skidded after landing at Moruya NSW. Tail came up but went down when brakes were released and hull was damaged
16/9/42 Damaged by gale while picketed
9/10/42 Departed Rathmines for Townsville to join HMAS AUSTRALIA to replace W2768
11/10/42 Embarked HMAS AUSTRALIA ex Townsville, Qld
27/10/42 Departed for Rathmines
16/11/42 Embarked HMAS AUSTRALIA
23/11/42 Disembarked to RAAF Rathmines
25/11/42 9 Sqn
12-13/1/43 9 Sqn moved to Bowen Qld (Coded ‘YQ-D’. Bcame ‘YQ-H’ in 4/43)
15/7/43 5 CF Garbutt. Acft immediately sent to Horn Island attached to Commander Torres Strait Defence Force (Coded ‘KF-A’)
26/8/43 Departed 5 CF for Bowen on allocation to 1 RCS
13/9/43 1 RCS
5/11/43 8 CU
22/11/43 2 FBRD for overhaul
21/4/44 QANTAS, Rose Bay for completion of overhaul
/45 Work to be discontinued and aircraft to be allocated to 2 CRD for survey reports with a view to conversion to components
4/10/45 2 CRD for survey
14/8/46 Airframe offered by CDC for sale [As X2705!] by tender by 6.9.46. Aircraft with 2 CRD, RAAF Richmond, NSW, completely dismantled. Total hours 553.00
20/8/46 2 AD for storage
28/5/47 Authorised by CDC for write-off
2/7/48 Issued to DAP Botany
6/9/49 Action completed
W2707 Walrus I RN History
13/3/41 Delivered to Van Apps at Stapleford Tawney for packing
RAAF History
5.42 At QANTAS, Rose Bay, NSW, ex-RN FAA, UK, for erection
5/6/42 9 Sqn
10/6/42 Allocated HMAS AUSTRALIA [but did not embark. Acft was on A/S patrol from Rathmines on this day]
10/6/42 Re-allotted to RNZAF
RNZAF History
12/6/42 Flew from Rathmines to Garden Island Dockyard, Sydney
16/6/42 Shipped to New Zealand on board SS RIMUTAKA with L2222 [Aircraft being exchanged for A2-5 and A2-12 which were embarked in HMS ACHILLES and HMS LEANDER]
? Became NZ154
30/1/43 Seaplane Training Flight, Hobsonville
10/10/44 Crashed in the upper Waitemata Harbour off Hobsonville. As the aircraft took off a wave damaged the port float and wing tip. The aircraft settled back onto the water and as the port wing touched the water nosed in and sank. Flying Officer John Marshall and Flying Officer William Morrison killed but LAC Whitefield survived. The pilots' bodies were recovered from the aircraft which was located in 7 fathoms of water off Chelsea Wharf the next day.
21/11/44 Written off charge
W2755 Walrus I RN History
28/8/41 Delivered Lee-on-Solent
RAAF History
1/5/42 At QANTAS, Rose Bay, NSW, ex RN FAA, UK, for erection
25/5/42 RAAF Rathmines, NSW
26/5/42 Embarked HMAS MANOORA
27/5/42 Damaged by fire
28/5/42 To Qantas, Rose Bay for repair
20/6/42 Disembarked to RAAF Rathmines
9/7/42 Damaged by fire aboard HMAS MANOORA (Note: The earlier dates were from the unit ORB while the later dates were from the aircraft record card – it is possible that they refer to the same incident.)
20/7/42 QANTAS Rose Bay for repair
29/9/42 9 Sqn Rathmines
19/1/43 Embarked HMAS AUSTRALIA ex Townsville
12/4/43 Centre section strained on board HMAS AUSTRALIA when crane tried to hoist aircraft while it was still secured to the catapult
17/4/43 Forced landing off Rattlesnake I with engine trouble. Aircraft recovered by HMAS AUSTRALIA
23/6/43 Disembarked to Bowen
7/43 Coded ‘YQ-H
28/11/43 Detached to Inverleigh from 9 Sqn Cairns Detachment to be at the disposal of the CO of 43 Sqn
4/1/44 QANTAS Rose Bay for overhaul
6/4/45 2 FBRD
22/4/45 6 CU
14/8/45 Flew to Cape Don (NT) on transport duties. For the return journey, two passengers were picked up. On the first attempt at take-off, the aircraft was unable to gain flying speed. On the second attempt, the aircraft bounced several times on hitting the swell and failed to gain a greater speed than 40 knots. The pilot, FlgOff J.H. Dening, closed the throttle and the port float struck and dug in, causing the aircraft to turn on its back and sink within a few minutes. The four occupants escaped through the port window in the pilot's compartment as the main escape hatch had jammed. All were uninjured and were picked up 10 minutes later by a dinghy lowered from an RAAF lugger. The aircraft sank in 40 ft of water and is a total loss (RAAF Accident Report). Flying hours when lost 1,520.00.
(Note: RAAF Crash Record Book gives the location of the acft as 11.14S 131.40E)
30/8/45 Approved for write off
W2768 Walrus I RN History
13/1/42 Delivered RNAS Lee-on-Solent
RAAF History
1/5/42 At QANTAS, Rose Bay, NSW, ex-RN FAA, UK, for erection
11/5/42 Post erection test flight at Rose Bay by pilot from HMAS CANBERRA Flight
15/5/42 Embarked HMAS CANBERRA
15/6/42 RAAF Rathmines, NSW, for fitting ASV equipment
22/6/42 9 Sqn
30/6/42 Flown to Amberley, Qld, for HMAS AUSTRALIA
1/7/42 Embarked HMAS AUSTRALIA
7/8/42 Damaged while being hoisted in
6/10/42 Aircraft crashed into the port quarter of HMAS AUSTRALIA and sank
2/11/42 Approved for write off
W2783 Walrus I RN History
23/10/41 Delivered to RNAS Lee-on-Solent
7/12/41 Flew RNAS Crail to RNAS Donibristle
RAAF History
1/5/42 At QANTAS, Rose Bay, NSW, ex-RN FAA, UK, for erection
18/5/42 Test flown at Rose Bay by WESTRALIA Flight then to Rathmines
19/5/42 RAAF Rathmines
26/5/42 9 Sqn
8/6/42 Embarked HMAS AUSTRALIA ex Rathmines
1/7/42 Disembarked to Archerfield in exchange for W2768
2/7/42 Arrived 9 Sqn Rathmines
1/9/42 Carried out A/S Patrol for HMAS WESTRALIA on passage Sydney to Newcastle (Note: This is recorded by HMAS WESTRALIA Flight but it is not clear whether the aircraft was allocated to the flight - there are no other mentions of this aircraft in the ORB)
19/10/42 Taxying accident
12 – 13/1/43 9 Sqn moved to Bowen, Qld
16/2/43 Transferred to 9 Sqn Cairns detachment.(Code ‘YQ-Q’)
8/6/43 QANTAS Rose Bay for overhaul
28/9/44 2 FBRD
8/10/44 Arrived 8 CU Goodenough I, Papua New Guinea
21/11/44 12 RSU
25/12/44 8 CU
6/2/45 Hull damaged in rough water take off at Long I. after the aircraft was thrown into the air off a swell and fell into the next wave. The aircraft was beached for the night and flew back to base the next day [presumably from the beach]. Pilot was F/O R.M. Gale. Aircraft hours at the time of the accident 1,400.00
14/2/45 Departed for 2 FBRD for repairs
12/3/45 2 CRD for survey
7/5/45 Approved for conversion to components
31/5/45 Conversion completed
W3085 Walrus I RN History
17/2/42 Delivered to RNAS Lee-on-Solent
5/9/42 From Mombasa to RNARY Nairobi
5/43 700 Sqn HMS GAMBIA Flight
RAAF History
19/1/44 Received at 1 TMO ex RN FAA
7/2/44 QANTAS, Rose Bay, NSW for erection
19/4/44 2 FBRD
22/5/44 6 CU
7/2/45 Departed 6 CU Batchelor, NT, for Bowen
10/2/45 1 FBMU for overhaul
12/3/45 1 FBRD for complete overhaul
18/6/45 2 FBRD
22/6/45 To RN FAA Schofields
RN History
/45 RNARY Coimbatore
7/45 Ship's Flight HMS VICTORIOUS Code ‘P’)
10/8/45 Engine fire during rescue. Abandoned and sunk by gunfire from RN destroyers
X9510 Walrus I RN History
31/5/42 Taken on charge at Saunders Roe, Cowes
RAAF History
20/10/42 Received ex RN FAA, UK
23/10/42 Erection completed at Point Cook, Vic
5/11/42 9 Sqn Rathmines
11/42 Reported with HMAS AUSTRALIA
30/11/42 9 Sqn detachment RAAF Nowra, NSW
10/1/43 9 Sqn
12-13/1/43 9 Sqn moved to Bowen Qld
10/2/43 To 9 Sqn Cairns detachment
1/5/43 Forced landing 4 miles from Cap I in the Torres Strait after oil line broke. Aircraft towed to Horn I.
7/43 Coded ‘YQ-R
4/10/43 Forced landing N of Cape Bowling Green. Qld, after engine failure during a flight from Bowen to Cairns Aircraft undamaged, no injuries. Pilot Flt Sgt Aistrope
4/1/44 QANTAS, Rose Bay, NSW, for overhaul
14/2/45 2 FBRD
26/3/45 8 CU
26/4/45 Collision with Army barge
19/5/45 To be modified for stretcher carrying
13/9/45 Departed Madang for 2 CRD
27/9/45 2 CRD
17/12/45 2 FBRD for storage
14/8/46 Offered by CDC for sale by tender by 6.9.46. Aircraft with Maintenance Sqn, RAAF Rathmines, NSW dismantled for road transport. Total hours 792.35
28/5/47 Authorised for write off
30/7/48 Listed for disposal by auction
2/3/49 Transferred to auction site at Rathmines, NSW
X9513 Walrus I RN History
5/6/42 Taken on charge at Saunders Roe, Cowes
RAAF History
/42 Received ex-RN FAA, UK
23/10/42 Erection complete at Point Cook, Vic
6/11/42 9 Sqn Rathmines
11/42 – 12/42 HMAS WESTRALIA
17/11/42 Engaged in photography of Port Stephens NSW for mapping purposes until at least 1.12.42
12 – 13/1/43 9 Sqn moved to Bowen. Qld
8/4/43 Embarked HMAS AUSTRALIA off Dunk I replacing W2755
24/6/43 9 Sqn
7/43 Coded ‘YQ-S
7/3/44 Arr 5 CU Garbutt and detached to Horn I as ASR aircraft
9/3/44 5 CU Garbutt, Qld
31/5/44 To Rose Bay for overhaul
20/11/44 Approval given for conversion to components
26/5/45 2 CRD for conversion
X9514 Walrus I RN History
10/6/42 taken on charge at Saunders Roe, Cowes
RAAF History
.42 Received ex-RN FAA, UK
19/10/42 At Point Cook, Vic for erection
23/10/42 Erection completed
6/11/42 9 Sqn Rathmines
12 – 13/1/43 9 Sqn moved to Bowen, Qld
29/4/43 Forced landing at Cap I with broken oil pipe
29/6/.43 Swung 90o to port after cross wind landing at American Strip, Charters Towers. Qld. Starboard float hit the ground
7/43 Coded ‘YQ-A’ later ‘YQ-L’
29/7/43 In collision with Kittyhawk A29-306
5/8/43 1 RSU, Merauke, Papua New Guinea
7/7/44 Departed Merauke for Bowen - Arrived 10.7
8/7/44 9 Sqn
15/7/44 Departed Bowen for Rose Bay for overhaul - Arrived 17.7
18/7/44 QANTAS, Rose Bay, NSW, for overhaul
/45 Work to be discontinued and aircraft to be allocated to 2 CRD for survey reports with a view to conversion to components
28/9/45 2 CRD for survey
14/8/46 Airframe offered by CDC for sale by tender by 6/9/46. Aircraft with 2 CRD, RAAF Richmond, NSW, completely dismantled. Total hours 350.35
20/8/46 2 AD Richmond for storage
28/5/47 Authorised by CDC for write-off
2/7/48 Issued to DAP, Botany
6/9/49 Action completed (R)
X9515 Walrus I RN/RAF History
10/6/42 Taken on charge at Saunders Roe, Cowes
6/42 276 Sqn RAF , Harrowbeer
RAAF History
/42 Received ex-RN FAA, UK
2/11/42 At Point Cook, Vic for erection
14/11/42 Erection completed
25/12/42 Arrived 5 CF Garbutt, Qld. Stbd wing tip damaged taxying off runway to make way for approaching acft
26/12/42 5 CF
4/1/43 To Horn Island attached to Commander Torres Strait Defence Force
11/6/43 Ret to 9 Sqn Bowen for 180 hourly inspection
29/7/43 6 CF
30/9/43 Rescued the crew of Anson DJ322 which had force landed on the beach west of Groote Eylandt. On taking off in the rough sea, the port float was damaged. The aircraft landed at Groote Eylandt, both floats were removed and the aircraft then returned to base
7/4/44 14 ARD for overhaul
2/5/44 2 FBRD
18/5/44 QANTAS, Rose Bay, NSW to complete overhaul
7/44 6 CU
1/6/45 2 FBRD for overhaul
12/6/45 8 CU
8/7/45 Landed in the Karawari River [a tributary of the Sepik R], Papua New Guinea to rescue Lt J. Carter, USAAF, a P38 pilot from the Combat Replacement Training Corps, who had baled out and was injured.The area was in Japanese occupied territory, 95 miles west of Wewak, the river was only 40 yards wide and a 4-5 knot current was carrying numerous logs and other debris downstream. The pilot, F/O Agnew stayed in the river for 2 hours while Carter was carried to the scene and loaded.
28/9/45 Departed Madang for 2 CRD
12/10/45 2 CRD for storage
1/2/46 2 FBRD in storage
14/8/46 Offered by CDC for sale by tender by 6/9/46. Aircraft with Maintenance Squadron, RAAF Rathmines, NSW, dismantled for road transport. Total hours 602.20
28/5/47 Listed for disposal
23/8/48 Authorised for write-off
2/3/49 Transferred to auction depot, Rathmines, NSW
X9516 Walrus I RN History
3/6/42 Taken on charge, Saunders Roe, Cowes
RAAF History.
/42 Received ex-RN FAA, UK
19/10/42 At Point Cook, Vic for erection
23/10/42 Erection completed
16/11/42 9 Sqn
24/11/42 Embarked HMAS AUSTRALIA
1/1/43 Disembarked to Townsville in exchange for X9520
2/1/43 9 Sqn Bowen Detachment for inspection
4/2/43 QANTAS, Rose Bay, NSW for repair
28/11/43 2 FBRD
22/12/43 8 CU
25/2/44 After landing by HMAS STELLA MARIS off Kativa [presumed Kativa is actually Katika near Finschaffen, Papua New Guinea] to hand over classified documents, the aircraft was at rest when it was hit by a barge which was being towed by the ship. [Note: There is no RAN ship named HMAS STELLA MARIS but there was a requisitioned survey ship of 111 tons which was presumably the vessel involved]
1/3/44 26 RSU for repair
1/4/44 8 CU
3/8/44 QANTAS, Rose Bay, NSW, for overhaul, re-covering and camouflaging
8/12/44 2 FBRD for overhaul
25/12/44 8 CU
23/1/45 Aircraft made the first known aircraft landing on Lake Vrabu, Papua New Guinea, for a medical evacuation from Annenburg
28/8/45 Departed Madang for 2 FBRD
5/9/45 2 FBRD for overhaul
13/2/46 2 FBRD storage
14/8/46 Offered by CDC for sale [as Z9516!] by tender by 6/9/46. Aircraft with Maintenance Squadron, RAAF Rathmines, NSW, dismantled for road transport. Total hours 495.25
28/5/47 Authorised for write off
30/7/48 To be disposed of by CDC at auction at Rathmines
2/3/49 Transferred to auction site
X9517 Walrus I RN History
13/6/42 Taken on charge, Sunders Roe, Cowes
RAAF History
/42 Received ex RN FAA, UK
2/11/42 At Point Cook, Vic for erection
12/11/42 Erection completed
16/11/42 9 Sqn Rathmines
12 – 13/1/43 9 Sqn moved to Bowen Qld
16/2/43 To 9 Sqn Cairns detachment
23/4/43 Starboard undercarriage collapsed on landing [at Cairns?] due to grit in the undercarriage drive bracket. Repaired on site and serviceable for all except rough water landings
7/43 Coded ‘YQ-T
16/8/43 Force landed east of Green I., Qld after engine failure and beached at Cairns
6/12/43 2 FBRD for repair
21/4/44 QANTAS, Rose Bay, NSW to complete repair
/45 Work to be discontinued and aircraft to be allocated to 2 CRD for survey reports with a view to conversion to components
27/9/45 2 CRD for survey
14/8/46 Airframe offered by CDC for sale by tender by 6/9/46. Aircraft with 2 CRD, RAAF Richmond, NSW, completely dismantled. Total hours 537.35
20/8/46 2 AD Richmond storage
28/5/47 Authorised for write off
2/7/48 Issued to DAP, Botany
6/9/49 Action completed
X9520 Walrus I RN History
7/5/42 Taken on charge at Saunders Roe, Cowes
RAAF History
/42 Received ex-RN FAA, UK
2/11/42 At Point Cook, Vic for erection
10/11/42 Erection completed
22/11/42 9 Sqn Rathmines
12-13/1/43 9 Sqn moved to Bowen, Qld
3/1/43 Tried to embark HMAS AUSTRALIA ex Townsville but returned to Cairns because of weather
11/1/43 Embarked HMAS AUSTRALIA
18/1/43 Disembarked to Townsville for 9 Sqn
3/3/43 Arrived 6 CF
10/3/43 Damaged port wheel landing at Bathurst Island, NT
7/4/43 Returned to 6 CF from 4 RSU
26/4/43 4 RSU
9/5/43 6 CF
7/43 Coded ‘YQ-F’ with 9 Sqn
16/8/43 4 RSU
14/9/43 6 CF
6/12/43 Port float and lower mainplane damaged in take-off from Cape Don. Take off abandoned and the aircraft was eventually towed to Darwin by MV SAPPHIRE arriving on 12.12. Mainplanewas changed in Darwin and the aircraft returned to base on 13.12.
14/4/44 Crashed Batchelor, NT. While making circuit to land, engine cut out. Pilot force landed cross wind on a rough part of the airfield with the undercarriage retracted. The aircraft overturned and was wrecked. The pilot was slightly injured but the other three occupants were unharmed.
21/4/44 4 RSU
11/5/44 14 ARD
16/5/44 Conversion to components approved

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X9559 Walrus II

(also reported as Mk I)

RN History
14/7/42 Delivered RNAS Evanton (to 8/42)
13/10/42 700 Sqn HMS HOWE (to 12/42)
1/43 700 Sqn RNAS Twatt (to 2/43)[Previously served with 700 Sqn HQ RNAS Twatt 1.43]
RAAF History
19/1/44 Received 1 TMO ex-RN FAA, UK - to QANTAS, Rose Bay, NSW for erection
26/5/44 2 FBRD
11/6/44 5 CU
13/6/44 Rescued "Vultee" [Vengeance] crew from Princess Charlotte Bay, Qld
18/6/44 Float touched ground while landing in strong wind
27/6/44 Damaged at Cooktown, Qld
22/7/44 Test flight after mainplane change
10/8/44 9 Sqn Aircraft collected by crew from Bowen
15/8/44 Exchanged with 8 CU for L2322
25/10/44 “The aircraft was on reconnaissance off the coast of New Guinea near Wewak escorted by Beaufort X9559. It landed near Karasau Island to allow Capt Evetson to check on enemy activity there. The Beaufort watched the Walrus land and saw 2 occupants paddle ashore in a dinghy. Ground fire was then seen and the Walrus caught fire, eventually being destroyed. All occupants were reported missing, believed prisoners of war.” (Unit ORB)
“The crew asked a native in a canoe if there were any Japanese on the island. They were told there were none, but on landing they were shot from ambush (Plt Off W.B. Bernie and Capt Evetson, 1st Australian Air Liaison). The Japanese then paddled out to the aircraft and shot and wounded the pilot, W/O J.M.T. Brown. Brown died a few days later from sickness and wounds. Aircraft destroyed by enemy action (fire). (Japanese War Crimes Trials, File)
Z1804 Walrus II RN History
14/11/42 Delivered 76 MU
RAAF History
28/4/43 Received QANTAS, Rose Bay, NSW, ex RN FAA, UK for erection
3/6/43 2 FBRD
19/6/43 Departed Rathmines for 9 Sqn, Bowen
21/6/43 Arrived 9 Sqn. Coded YQ-U
22/6/43 Collected from Bowen by crew from HMAS AUSTRALIA
24/6/43 Embarked HMAS AUSTRALIA
22/8/43 Disembarked to Rose Bay
11/9/43 Embarked HMAS AUSTRALIA
23/9/43 Made successful search for crashed aircraft off Rattlesnake I.
19/10/43 Port lower wing tip damaged during hoisting
19/12/43 Landed to 5 CU for return to 9 Sqn, Bowen for inspection
13/1/44 Damaged port float and mainplane on take-off - aircraft beached
14/1/44 5 CU and flown to Bowen, Qld by 9 Sqn crew for repair
8/3/44 5 CU
20/3/44 To Merauke for attachment to 72 Wing Headquarters(Also listed as 30.3)
18/5/44 QANTAS, Rose Bay for overhaul
12/9/45 2 FBRD
8/10/45 Returned to RN FAA, Schofields, NSW
RN History
5/2/46 Flown HMS PERSEUS to Bankstown
14/2/46 Still at Bankstown
2/46 Ship’s Flt HMS VENERABLE
26/2/47 Parked on flight deck, wing damaged by Fored truck driving backwards while stowing spare engines
Z1811 Walrus II RN History
26/11/42 Delivered RNAS Evanton
1/43 – 2/43 700 Sqn RNAS Twatt (Note: Also reported as having served in 700 Sqn HMS KING GEORGE V Flt)
27/8/43 Delivered RNAS Lee-on-Solent from Saunders Roe, Cowes
RAAF History
19/1/44 Received 1 TMO ex-RN FAA, UK - to QANTAS, Rose Bay, NSW for erection
14/5/44 2 FBRD
11/6/44 Arrived 6 CU Batchelor ex Rathmines
25/8/44 Ground looped at Batchelor Strip, NT after port brake failed on landing
17/5/45 On taking off from Gorrie Strip, NT, during ferry flight to Rose Bay, pilot could not raise the undercarriage. On landing again at Gorrie, the port undercarriage leg collapsed and the aircraft ground looped.
12/6/45 QANTAS, Rose Bay
6/7/45 2 FBRD
3/1/46 Transferred to RN FAA, Schofields, NSW
RN History
/47 Ships Flt, HMS GLORY (uncoded)
HD812 Walrus II RN History
27/2/43 Ready for collection, Saunders Roe, Cowes
RAAF History
28/6/43 Received QANTAS, Rose Bay, NSW, ex RN FAA, UK
29/8/43 2 FBRD
31/8/43 Test installation of Mk III IFF by 1 RIMU
9/10/43 9 Sqn
7/4/44 HMAS AUSTRALIA. Coded ‘YQ-K’
17/4/44 Embarked HMAS AUSTRALIA [This was the last RAAF operated aircraft allocated to an RAN ship)
28/4/44 Last flight recorded in ORB - aircraft flew to Momote I, Papua New Guinea
15/5/44 Departed Momote for 9 Sqn Bowen - Arrived 19.5
3/12/44 Departed Bowen for Rathmines with L2322 - Arr 4/12
4/12/44 3 OTU Rathmines, NSW
/45 Damaged
7/5/45 QANTAS, Rose Bay for repair
18/7/45 2 FBRD for overhaul
1/46 2 FBRD storage
14/8/46 Offered by CDC for sale by tender by 6/9/46. Aircraft with Maintenance Sqn, RAAF Rathmines, NSW dismantled for road transport. Total hours 540.25.
28/5/47 Authorised by CDC for write-off
30/7/48 Listed for disposal by auction
2/3/49 Transferred to auction site prior to 13.12.48.
26/1/49 Written off Rathmines
HD818 Walrus II RN History
30/1/43 Ready for collection at Saunders Roe, Cowes
RAAF History
28/6/43 Received QANTAS, Rose Bay, NSW, ex-RN FAA, UK - for erection
7/43 2 FBRD reserve storage
7/9/43 Departed Rathmines for Bowen - Arrived 8/9
9/9/43 9 Sqn
30/11/43 Tail wheel shimmy developed after landing and aircraft swung to starboard
1/12/43 Stern post assembly collapsed at Horn Island, Qld
17/4/44 Detached to Milne Bay [Note: Possibly attached to HMAS WARREGO]
9/7/44 Departed Milne Bay for Bowen - Arrived 11/7
19/7/44 Departed Bowen to Rathmines for hull repairs
3/8/44 QANTAS, Rose Bay
20/11/44 Approved for conversion to components
2/5/45 2 CRD for conversion
31/5/45 Conversion completed
HD860 Walrus II RN History
21/5/43 Ready for collection, Saunders Roe, Cowes
RAAF History
14/9/43 Received QANTAS, Rose Bay, NSW, ex-RN FAA, UK, for erection
25/11/43 2 FBRD
5/12/43 9 Sqn
14/12/43 Arrived 8 CU Goodenough I Papua New Guinea for HMAS AUSTRALIA [Note: The aircraft was initially allocated to 8 CU but the allocation was changed during the delivery flight]
15/1/44 Aircraft disembarked to Rose Bay and flown from there during the remainder of Jan, Feb and part of March
6/3/44 Air test at Rose Bay then to HMAS AUSTRALIA
10/3/44 Catapult removed from HMAS AUSTRALIA during refit. Thereafter the aircraft was secured on deck and hoisted out when required to be flown
2/4/44 Last recorded flt to HMAS AUSTRALIA in aircrew log
15/4/44 Allocated to 9 Sqn detachment Milne Bay, PNG
17/4/44 Disembarked in exchange for HD812
19/4/44 Departed Milne Bay for Bowen - Arrived 25.4
15/6/44 Departed Cooktown for Northern Command for attachment to HMAS WARREGO
3/7/44 Attached HMAS WARREGO until 23.7.44 for air sea rescue and reconnaissance duties around Papua New Guinea.
Records from the ORB show visits from Milne Bay to Hollandia and Momote. Named and painted up as "Rescue Angel"
30/7/44 Aircraft damaged on take-off and awaiting parts
8/8/44 Attached HMAS WARREGO for return to Sydney
28/10/44 Arrived Bowen ex HMAS WARREGO
4/11/44 Departed Bowen for Rathmines for repairs by Qantas
7/11/44 QANTAS, Rose Bay for overhaul
18/7/45 2 FBRD
1/45 2 FBRD Storage
13/2/46 2 FBRD storage
14/8/46 Offered by CDC for sale by tender by 6/9/46. Aircraft with Maintenance Sqn, RAAF Rathmines, NSW dismantled for road transport.
28/5/47 Authorised for write off
30/2/48 To be disposed of by CDC at public auction, Rathmines, NSW (R) Total hours 328.20 - no engine fitted
19/3/49 Transferred to auction site prior to 13/12/48.
26/1/49 Written off Rathmines
HD862 Walrus II RN History
29/5/43 76 MU
RAAF History
14/9/43 Received QANTAS, Rose Bay, NSW, ex-RN FAA, UK, for erection
28/11/43 2 FBRD
2/12/43 6 CU
5/12/43 Damaged at Bundaberg, Qld, when blown onto wingtip on reaching dispersal
18/1/44 Damaged in storm at Cloncurry, Qld
24/1/44 6 CU
25/11/44 Departed for Bowen for major repairs
29/11/44 1 FBMU for overhaul
27/5/45 5 CU (Note: Recorded as carrying out liaison work with RN)
6/6/45 Last recorded flight with 5 CU
7/6/45 1 FBMU (Note also listed as 1 FBRD)
6/45 2 FBRD
13/6/45 5 CU
6/45 Damaged
21/6/45 Left 5 CU for Rathmines
24/6/45 2 FBRD for operational fitment
28.6.45 Issued to RN FAA, Schofields, NSW
RN History
/45 British Pacific Fleet Pool, Pityilu I, Papua New Guinea.
8/5/47 Reported as having been written off.
HD864 Walrus II RN History
24/6/43 76 MU
RAAF History
14/9/43 Received QANTAS, Rose Bay, NSW, ex-RN FAA, UK, for erection
12/12/43 2 FBRD
3/2/44 8 CU, Goodenough I, Papua New Guinea
3/3/44 Detached to Momoteto operate with 73 Wing
11/6/44 Aircraft struck coral reef while taking off from Kale Bay, Manus I,
15/6/44 Returned to Goodenough I for repairs
5/8/44 Tipped onto nose after landing, Ward's Strip, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea on return from evacuating stretcher case from Woodlark I, aircraft ground looped and tipped onto nose
14/8/44 Damaged further in landing at Ward's Strip
14/8/44 1 FBMU for repair
15/12/44 Spares not available and aircraft assessed as beyond economical repair. Approved for conversion to components
15/2/45 Converted to components
HD865 Walrus II RN History
30/6/43 Ready for collection from Saunders Roe, Cowes
RAAF History
14/9/43 Received QANTAS, Rose Bay, NSW, ex-RN FAA, UK, for erection
2/12/43 2 FBRD
3/3/44 Arrived 8 CU Goodenough I, Papua New Guinea
31/3/44 Aircraft was sent to Saramo, Ferguson Island (North of Milne Bay) PNG, with Flt Sgt J.G. Laycock(1st Pilot), Flt Sgt D.C. Tait (2nd Pilot) and Flt Sgt W.P. McCutcheon (WO/AG). On taking off to return from Saramo, the aircraft was just about to become airborne when the port wing dropped causing the port float to strike the water. The aircraft swung around, capsized and sank immediately.The two pilots escaped through the hatch above the pilot's cabin. The other crew member and the passenger escaped through a window behind the pilot's cabin.All were exhausted when they reached the surface. They hung on to a float for some time, but it sank and they were forced to float. Flt Sgt Tait drifted away and after half an hour in the water he called out that he could not hold on any longer and sank. A native canoe rescued the survivors after they had been in the water about an hour.
24/4/44 Approved for write-off
HD874 Walrus II RN History
20/5/43 Ready for collection at Saunders Roe, Cowes
RAAF History
14/9/43 Received QANTAS, Rose Bay, NSW, ex-RN FAA, UK, for erection
13/12/43 2 FBRD in reserve storage
17/12/43 9 Sqn
16/6/44 Elevator control failed on flight Bowen to Cairns. Flight continued and aircraft was landed at Cairns using the elevator trimmer. Pilot Fg Off Mobbs
21/6/44 Damaged in forced landing at Cairns. Qld
18/7/44 QANTAS, Rose Bay, for repair
7/8/44 2 FBRD
11/8.44 Departed Rathmines for 8 CU
26/8/44 8 CU. Coded ‘ZA-V’’
4/11/44 12 RSU for fitting of drogue towing equipment
17/11/44 8 CU
3/4/45 Departed Madang for 1 FBRD for 240 hourly inspection
22/4/45 1 FBRD for overhaul
22/3/46 1 FBRD storage
15/8/47 Received Rathmines, NSW, ex-Lake Boga
Later History
21/10/47 Free issue to Department of External Affairs for Antarctic Flight
30/10/47 Issued to Antarctic Flight and named 'Snow Goose'
[Note: As a Walrus Mk II, HD874 would have had a wooden hull. The aircraft taken to Heard Island had a metal hull. It is suspected, but not proved, that the aircraft was re-hulled by QANTAS with the spare hull from A2-20 (qv) which Qantas is reported as holding as a spare hull in 1946. Other hulls that might have been available included those from A2-1 and A2-5, both of which had been converted to components in 1945.]
15/10/.4 Embarked HMALST 3501 [later HMAS LABUAN] for voyage to Heard Island
18/12/47 Landed Heard Island
21/12/47 Aircraft wrecked early in the morning by a storm at Heard Island. Meteorological observations in the storm indicated that pressure fell to 943 mb and winds gusted to 120 mph. Aircraft considered beyond economical repair with available facilities at Heard Island
5/1/48 Aircraft abandoned on Heard Island after salvage of as much equipment as possible.
27/3/80 Damaged hull recovered by Department of Transport vessel MV CAPE PILLAR.
/80 Hull delivered to RAAF Museum, Point Cook, Vic for restoration
4/4/02 Restoration completed and aircraft placed on display in RAAF Museum Point Cook in the all-yellow colour scheme used in Antarctic Flight service.

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The Authors of this page are Darren Crick & Joe Barr. With assistance by Bob Geale and Gordon Birkett.

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