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RAAF A11 Felixstowe F5

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Felixstowe F5 
Image via Brendan Cowan


Felixstowe F5 Image Gallery

  In the early twenties, the Felixstowe F5 was the standard flying boat in service with the RAF.

The RAAF also planned to introduce the F5 into service and, in 1921, the aircraft was allocated the number A11.

As it transpired, finances for the purchase were not allocated and as a consequence, the aircraft were not procured.

It was not until seven years later in 1928, the number A11 was taken over by another flying boat, the Supermarine Southampton Mk I.

In 1927, two of these wooden-hulled aircraft, S1158 and S1159, were shipped to Australia for co-operation with four Southampton IIs of the RAF Far East Flight, which were making the first formation flight from England to Australia.

In 1928, the two Southampton Is were re-numbered within the unused A11 serials range as A11-1 and A11-2, and formed the nucleus of a Coastal Reconnaissance Flight at Point Cook.

See our Supermarine Southampton Mk I. for more information about these aircraft.


Felixstowe F5 
Image via Brendan Cowan  Felixstowe F5  Felixstowe F5


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Updated 09 October 2013


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